Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wehwehchen and a fairly recent side excursion..

Okay, I finally acknowledged that I  am not getting better.  I have been sick, sick, sick since I've been back from Germany.
The first week back I barely made it out of the house. 
 I took myself to the doctor today.  The whopper of a cold I brought back from Germany has turned into a whopper of a sinus infection with a fever.  I am on antibiotics now.  I need to be well since I go back to work in a few days.  My sommer is over.

I did want to share more photos.  One of the more delightful side trips I took toward the end of my month long journey was a weekend excursion to Würzburg. As a child, I had lived in a small town close to Würzburg and was interested in revisiting the area.

Würzburg is a lovely city with a fascinating history.  Of course, the history of the city was brought alive by fellow blogger Mago who I had the delight of meeting.  Mago is interesting, cool, nice .. and very patient.  The first evening in Würzburg I wanted to hike up to the Festung.  So we hiked and it was hot and we had nothing to drink .. What were we thinking?  But it was all fun, the whole weekend was very enjoyable.  Thanks, Mago!

View from the Festung ..

Die Festung am Marienberg with Alte Mainbrücke.  

Wine cellar underneath the Residenze..

My glass of wine after the tour of the above pictured wine cellar.

None of these photos are in any particular order, btw..

Die Alte Brücke .. 

The Annunciation .. with cool ear horn ..  An archway over a door of the Marienkapelle (Bürgerkirche)

Würzburger Residenz with Franconiabrunnen.

The formal gardens at the Festung


LX said...

Was it an airplane cold? I caught one of those last Summer flying over for the Rhine boat tour. Yuck. Do take care.

Wonderful that you got together with Herr Mago and saw the sights in Würzburg! Thanks for sharing the pix.

foam said...

I caught the beginnings of a cold virus from a cousin during my last few days in Germany. Having an already compromised immune system certainly did not help on the flight over. Plus, unfortunately, I'm prone to sinus infections.
Yep, I'm glad I went to Würzburg.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the cold became a sinus infection - take care please, und heil's aus !
Full baroque package. Next time we'll go and search for one of the lost bottles of the 1540er ... perhaps traces can be found in the actual Silvaner and Riesling-Spätlese :)

Anonymous said...

BTW there are strange people standing around in Würzburg ...

foam said...

Oh, I'll eventually get better. It's just a matter of time. And yes, we should search for those lost bottles. But before that, I believe i need to sample more Franconian Rieslng and Sylvaner :-)
Yes, and those strange people seem to stand under the Alte Brücke :-)

Anonymous said...

These are very impressing photos, especially the first one! I never saw this view so excellent detailed.

I wish you a good healing! And have a successful start in your job back and a wonderful beginning of the autumn season!

foam said...

Thank you! :-) I'm actually pleased with the quality of my iPhone photos.
I need all the good wishes I need for my healing. I've had a turbulent time with my health these past couple of weeks.

Doom said...

Wonderful travels. Sometimes there is a price for such things. I will put you on my convalescent prayer list for the week. I am doing so well these few days that it is sorrowful to hear of a friend who is down. Sympathy as I don't sinus things, empathy as I do know illness. Blessings, rest, and recovery to you.

foam said...

Thank you, Doom. I appreciate it. I probably would have been okay, but my cousin came down with a bad cold during my last week in Germany. Having a compromised immune system in a plane certainly didn't help matters.

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