Wednesday, August 19, 2015

For a change of scenery .. a wannabe movie trailer ..

This past weekend I had a bit of fun with the imovie app on my phone. This is what I made... It was ridiculously easy. Just insert photos, video clips. Rearrange images a bit, insert writing and voila!

My Escape from foam orama on Vimeo.


LX said...

I'm already looking forward to the Blu-Ray disc release!

foam said...

Would you like to be my first investor, xl?

Doom said...

That's awesome! You really shouldn't disparage. That was just fun, and neat, and rather exciting. Do as you please, but it was great fun.

I was just stopping in to see how you were doing? I have been keeping you in prayers. Thanks for the little gift for my concern. ;)

foam said...

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed .. :)

And, yes, each day I am doing better. Prayers are always much appreciated, so, thank you for those too. I do believe in prayers, well wishes, virtual hugs and pats on the backs, etc.

Now, all I need is an attitude adjustment ...

Jean said...

Everything here is so NEW compared to over there.
You made a beautiful little movie. Will there be a sequel?

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

dianne said...

Foamy dear friend it is a beautiful movie, I loved the fabulous range of images and the dramatic music, it is a masterpiece.
I hope you will be making more movies, art films.
I am sorry, I didn't realise that you are ill, I haven't been blogging as much recently so I am not up on the latest news. You have been wishing me well and I didn't know you were so sick. I hope your sinus infection clears soon, they are awful and make you feel terrible.
Sending lots of hugs, love and virtual prayers.
xoxoxo ♡
By the way, I am now officially a 'cat lady', I have four cats, I have adopted my youngest son's beautiful black and white kitty, the one he rescued. >^^<

Doom said...

That is so fine. Is there a link for embedding? I would love to put it up, just to brag about the quality of my friends! Seriously. Oh, I borrow poems, and things too, from time to time. This really does tickle and is neat. A little imaginative, creative, shock and awe.

Doom said...

By the way, those purple shoes? Cool. I'm almost sure they are on you.

foam said...

Hey Jean!
A sequel? I'm not sure. Depends on my mood. Yup, I'm feeling better by the day.

Aww, thanks, dianne. And, btw, having a cold, followed by a sinus infection is a walk in the park compared to this shingles mess you have been dealing with. Four cats! What lucky kitties they are to be loved and cherished by you :)

I think you should be able to find an embed link on the vimeo site. As far as I know, anybody can get that embed code if they want. I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

:) Yup, they are on me...

Doom said...

Right you were. At first it looked like I had to sign in, but... not so much. New system to me. I think I have it up, at my blog, if you don't mind. Oh, I should do a link... since that seems fair enough and right, or some such.

Anonymous said...

Is there a director's cut included in the blue-ray-disc-edition ?

foam said...

Naah, since the director's cut might include you. The blueraydiskedition is edited for the general public.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Have that moose dealt with!

Doom said...


And moose jr. :p

Moose said...


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