Monday, July 20, 2015

Oh ja...!

Und hier habe ich gedacht ich post fast täglich ... Oh well ..
While I have missed my sons, husband, dog, cat, dust bunnies, I have not specifically missed where i live. Its been good to be back to the old homeland and to revisit old haunts...
Such as the street I used to sled down on..

Castle ruins i used to play amongst
Of course, it's always good to revisit Paris ..
Fireworks on Bastille Day..

Looking at at a ton of art ..
Starting to feel overwhelmed by les arts decoratifes.
Appreciating being back im
Dorf with beloved relatives.

A harvest that was turned into jelly..


Doom said...

Haunts? Yes. Everywhere I went in Europe, I could feel the pressure of the past. There are echoes of souls there like nothing America can know for... thousands, maybe tens of thousands of years. Not a bad thing, to my mind, mind you.

It's quite good to know you are well and back home, if just for a bit. Though time and space are a bit funny. Connecting with then will allow you to bring some of that back, I suspect. And some of you will stay there. As those you miss now are with you in ways too, or you wouldn't miss the other aspects of them. Travel well. *smile*

..................... said...

Oh, im back home but the home in Germany. In ten days i go back to the gpod ole USA. Im sure you didnt misunderstand me, just wanted to make sure. :-)

LX said...

Thank you for sharing more trip pix and thoughts!

History ... art ... good food ... meeting friends. That's what I like about visiting Europe.

Anonymous said...

Zurück vom Erbfeind !

Sind das Reneclauden ? Ich kann die Sorten nicht auseinander halten, sorry.

..................... said...

It is my pleasure, LX. You are very correct about your last statement. I will be meeting up with a friend this weekend. :-)

In Frankreich bin ich ein Ami.. :-)
Those are apricots by the way.

Doom said...

Nope. I just know that you have more than one home. As it should be for old souls. Not a... knock at bio age, mind you. I suspect you are somewhat different, for whatever reason, is all. Age and time are funny things for some.

X. Dell said...

I'm looking forward to all your comparisons of the old country and the new old country: you know, what's changed since you were there last.

foam said...

I might, x. I will just have to see.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but is this your neighbourhood ?

foam said...

Not really .. That location is about 2 hours southwest from me, but bigfoot has a bit of a range here in these mountains. It's not the first time he has been spotted. Check your email! :)

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