Thursday, April 2, 2015

For a change of scenery..


dianne said...

A lovely arrangement dear Foamy, the flowers are beautiful and the decorative egg.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Thank you!

LX said...

Did you make the fancy egg?

foam said...

Nope. I used to paint fancy eggs in my younger years when I still had ideals. This egg was gifted to my mother a few decades ago. It's plastic, I think. I do think her friend painted it. Anyway, now I have it.

LX said...

Frohe Osternhase!

Anonymous said...

Frohe Ostern, meine Liebe, Dir und deiner Familie !

No eggs here, no Osternestchen, not even chocolade - perhaps I'll grab a Schokohase on Tuesday - I confess that I like to bite their ears off, and St. Nick's head.
What an interesting lamp you have on your table - is that a red glass "bulb" or a Vase ? I can not remember to have seen such a thing before.

foam said...

No eggs here either, Mago, even chocolate.
Who needs it anyway? I do, however, have those blasted peeps. ...I do not know what compelled me, except that now I can blame it all on lx. May be I will do something hideous with them and post it here. I make no promises though.anyway, happy Easter to you!

foam said...

Oh, the lamp? The red glass is just the body of the lamp. When Pinetop's grandmama passed away years ago, we got it.

Doom said...

Spring forward!

Nice egg. Did you do that?

Anonymous said...

You could mix these peeps and build something new from them.
I have no clue what they actually are, because I only know them from LX's pictures : Their structure, taste, Eigenschaften, no idea.

Jean said...

You have a very "well put together" eye.
Lovely photo.

foam said...

Nope, Doom. I think a friend of my mother's did that years ago.

I Can't recall ever eating one. My youngest did try one for the first time and promptly spit it out. I did decorate a Easter desert with them. I should post that picture :-)

Why thank you, Jean!

moi said...

I love daffodils. I call them "Laughey Daffeys.) Hopefully, spring is about to stick.

LX said...

Happy Star Wars Day!
May the fourth be with you!

Doom said...

Don't just do something, SIT THERE! :p

LX said...

Wie gehts?

Anonymous said...

*Mwha !* I'm bahack !
I'm tired, will write to you tomorrow.

X. Dell said...

I was looking at the date to make sure I wasn't beholding a prank:-).

Anonymous said...

Darling - I did not find an email-address from you.

Mine is:
63mago [at] web [bungt] de

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