Saturday, November 15, 2014

For a change of scenery ..

A rainy day in the city about 6 weeks ago.  My men are walking up yonder.


LX said...

What a lovely photo. It reminds me of Caillebotte's Paris Street (Rainy Day).

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Has the makings of a French Impressionist painting.

dianne said...

It is a beautiful photo dearest Foamy
with wonderful Fall colours and water reflections.
Hugs my sweet friend!
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Lx, thanks for sending that link! I had not thought of that particular artwork on years!

Thanks, Cosmo. I can see that especially after seeing lx's link.

Thank you, Dianne. Hugs to you too!

Anonymous said...

So they abandoned you somewhere in central park ?

foam said...

That's Washington Square Park. They have yet to discover I'm missing. Don't tell them I'm still out and about smelling the roses.

Pink said...

Rain is no change around my parts. What is a change is to see my face here, I'm sure. Howsit, Foamie? I must get caught up!


foam said...

Hiya Pink! Are ya on your blog? I'll pop on over.

Doom said...

I'm so offended! Women just think they own menfolk, and blah, blah, blah. *grins* I had this whole spiel lined up, but I couldn't keep my eyes from crossing in laughter. As with most men, I think, at least once over the threshold, I prefer being owned. It is a good thing.

And that is a wonderful picture. Sometimes they just turn out perfect. That's good enough to enlarge and frame, I should think.

foam said...

Own them? lol .. I can't shake 'em loose at times:)

Yeah, all these photos are done with my iphone. It does okay at times, I think. And thanks for like it !

Doom said...

"Own them? lol .. I can't shake 'em loose at times:)"

I am the Doctor. That is a sure sign of ownership. Release them, if they come back... Urhm, especially at a gallop. :)

foam said...

There's one I am not releasing though

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