Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's the little things sometimes ..

A fellow blogger, Pink, from whom I had not heard in ages wrote how important it was to consciously provide oneself with outlets that provided joy.  I thought about it for a minute and then realized I had done just that for myself today.
While on a trip to the store after work and rushing down the aisles, I noticed something in my peripheral vision.   Bath salts!  .. Lavender scented bath salts to be more specific.  I adore soaking in a lavender scented Epsom salt bath.  After I came out of my leg cast last year, that is the first thing I did when I came home.  Anywho,  all afternoon I've been eagerly anticipating taking that bath.  I'm just wondering .. Should I take it now or finish my chores first?  

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my youngest son.  The subject of dreams came up.  Usually, I don't seem to remember dreams unless I wake up randomly at night.  My son suggested
a dream journal.  Apparently, dreams and journaling about them is something he has discussed with friends.  It's tempting.  A dream I remember is from two days ago.  I dreamt I was having a professional observation at work.  Wouldn't you know it,  I actually ended up with one yesterday. :-).   Oh!  I do vaguely remember a dream from last night .. An extremely deep male voice talked to me.  There was no one around though and it was completely dark.  For the life of me I cannot remember what my brain told myself in that very, very deep male voice.
I do remember being vaguely perturbed though. 

Btw.. This has been completely blogged by phone.  Kinda, sorta a pain.  My ancient computer does not want to play and I felt compelled to write.  So, excuse the non edited state of this post.

The below photos were taken in a little  over a month ago while I was out and about along the Conneticut shore.


LX said...

All of my dreams had been visual. Last Summer when I was on the Rhine River boat, I had an audible dream. I dreamed that my cat RJ was calling me. I was startled awake by that.

PS: Enjoy the salt bath. You deserve it!

foam said...

If any cat could call you from the other side, it would be rj. I miss his riposte with the other kitties. I've actually been startled awake by my mother calling me from the hallway a couple of times. She passed away 5 years ago.
Ps: I am freshly salted lavender scented :-)

dianne said...

A lovely post dear Foamy and great photographs.
I do dream quite a lot, some are very visual and realistic and sometimes I can remember fragments of them when I wake up.
We should treat ourselves to some pampering, something that makes us happy. One of my favourite treats is a spa pedicure and a visit to the garden centre.
So glad you are freshly lavender scented, lavender is so relaxing.
Take care lil sweet pea!
xoxoxo ♡

Anonymous said...

I do not remember my dreams. Sometimes it is very realistic dreaming, like when you wake up in another reality, like this side is the sleep over there. But this did not happen for quite a time. Actually I have difficulties to sleep regularly, it's either too short like last night when I woke up after two hours, or it's drop-down for ten hours.

I like Badesalz, and without my bathtub I'd already croaked it ...

foam said...

Thank you, dianne .. :)
I do have a snippet of a dream that I remember. I remember telling the leadership to use proper grammar when speaking to me. A pedicure sounds nice. I've only treated myself to three.
I'm thinking it's real hot in Australia right now. I'm blowing all this cold air your way. Can you feel it?

I also can have very realistic dreams at times. They are so realistic that I've had to remind myself that they are not part of my awake reality.
Good sleep can be hard to come at times, can't it. I hate it when that happens. Here's to good sleep then, gell?

dianne said...

Thank you dear Foamy for the cool air, I can almost feel it.
It has been extremely hot here, very high temperatures and it is only Springtime. I am dreading the Summer weather.
Take care and enjoy more of those lovely, lavender scented baths.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Hi Dianne! It has been cool to frigid over here. We have plenty of cold air to share. I do hope you will get some rain though. You take care too, sugar.

Doom said...

More very well done pictures. Verging right into art. It takes an eye, skill, and patience sometimes. I would vote for trying a dream journal, if you don't remember dreams. They can really add some... spice to life. Like the cherry on top of life's sundae. :)

I don't know how the bath came out, or when. But... mostly I go with after chores. A reward. Sometimes long savored in my condition mind you, but oh so worth it. Though if I have been a, generally, good boy, I rarely just take the treat and enjoy. Not a great way to vote, but a two choice option isn't preferred until it's all that remains? Something.

Lavender is something special. I have to agree with you, even as an ogre. It's the one girly scent I don't mind adopting myself. There is something to it I can't quite explain.

foam said...

Thank you, Doom. I think a dream journal is out though, since I am usually quite out of it upon awakening unexpectedly during the night.
I have taken a few baths since then. I might take one tonight, as a matter of fact. It's been a long day.

laughingwolf said...

hiya foamy... most time's spent on facebook these days, where i get overwhelmed replying to friends' posts [2k+ 'friends'], not all post on my page, just enough of em i can't reply to all immediately... if you're in the neighborhood ;) ...often i forget i have a site here

foam said...

Laughingwolf! Now there is a blast from the past!

puerileuwaite said...

Foamy, take my advice and never mention your Dream Journal to passengers as they board the aircraft you'll be piloting.

foam said...

Not even the shmexy parts?

X. Dell said...

First of all, kudos for braving the phone entry. If it were up to me, if I had to rely on a telephone to get out a post, that post would be much shorter than this.

I've come to understand my dreams as myself talking to myself, or in other words my unconscious mind trying (with great difficulty) to tell the relatively dense conscious me to understand what it feels I should. So I've actually taken to studying them quite a bit, for the last twenty years or so. It's quite insightful to look at your own, either by keeping a dream journal (which sounds like a good choice for you, given that you have difficulty remembering them), or incorporating them into a sketch or other visual artwork (something you can do that I cannot).

foam said...

The phone has for the most part turned into my computer.
Dreams can be interesting, but for the life of me I cannot make myself jot something down at ca 3:00 am.
Happy New Year , btw.

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