Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More walks with foam..

Sometimes a solitary walk during dusk is just what the doctor ordered.  


LX said...

Very nice pix! Enjoy the holiday!

dianne said...

Such a beautiful place to walk beneath that wonderful sky. Enjoy your holiday sweet Foamy.
xoxoxo ♡

Anonymous said...

Can't help dear Foam, i think there's a monster in the lake looming ... perhaps the fear of the Waldbewohner in open spaces. Daddy Elk did not cause such a feeling.

Jean said...

St. Augustine, FL?
A lovely old city. Brings back good memories.

Ethan said...

Thank you! We are enjoying it but I'm also down here to check on some property of mine.

It is very lovely. I am enjoying it very much, thank you.

I know all about the fear of the Waldbewohner and open spaces. I grew up in the Pfaelzerwald after all. It took me many years not to feel claustrophic in big sky areas.
Daddy Elk just startled me. I'm more used to looking out for bear.

Yup, St. Augustine. I love it's history.

foam said...

ack, I didn't know somebody else was signed in. The above is foam, of course.

X. Dell said...

Beautiful shot. Gorgeous color.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

If the view's like that, the perfect medicine.

Anonymous said...

Hey Foam.

I see you stopped by recently. Been on a quick visit to see the folks. All is well, considering their advanced ages of past 90.

Nice photos and vids you have been posting. Maybe I can find a fella like that bull this season - ha, like I could catch up to it. But, I am getting around remarkably well. Back to hiking, riding my bike, and recently swimming. Nice to be past the cooped up phase of recovery and on to trying to regain condition.

Hope all is well your way.


X. Dell said...

Hey, you're starting to post like me. Hope you and all the other Foams are doing well.

foam said...

So good to see you out and about in the blogosphere. Sounds like physical therapy type stuff is going really well. It's always good to visit the folks. Every moment is to be treasured. Happy hunting!

Yes, I know. My little ole computer is rather aged now and just doesn't what to work at the speed I would like it too. It's positively sloooow. Right now the best computer I have is my cell phone :) Hope you are well?

It certainly what good medicine!

Anonymous said...

When the machine becomes slower and slower it could be time for some exorcism : Like "go away all damn log files, nobody needs you !" "Away all cookies, I ban you in hell" - well, I'm not a professional, but you get the idea. CCleaner does it for me. WIndows gains weight iover time, also do browsers - they start as lean mean racing machine and end up as Walross. Time to purge, Stalin style, hehe ...

foam said...

yes, i might have to look into that again. this is a mac laptop about 5 years old. still new to me, but in the computer world, it's kind of outdated. heck, mac doesn't even do any security upgrades for it anymore.

boneman said...

Slow ...
That's my key word, for a while at least.
Some of the darnedest things wear me out and I feel like an old pair of flip-flops.
Not that flip-flops are so bad...

Just that mine are all worn heavily at toe and heel.
Too long a foot, I suppose.

Helene said...

I think Florida has some of the best sunsets I have seen! I am just getting back to blogging so will add you to my Blog Roll and have a peek around! =] ((hugs)) PS I am not sure which 'identity' to choose here... the open id is erroring for some reason... anyway this is Helene =]

Helene said...

ohh it worked! lol

Anonymous said...

Are you still with us ?

foam said...

Yeah.. I'm around, mago. Just not inspired to blog much.

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