Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hold your horses..

Nope, the title is not the theme for this upcoming haiku gathering.  I am a bit undecided.  Let's see.... Hmm ..
I know..!  Our next theme is ... 


Hey, no comments on my glasses from the peanut gallery now :-)

Our little haiku gathering is no longer a competition, btw.  We each take turns hosting and no longer select a winner. Anybody is always very welcome to submit a Haiku if they should desire.

Previously, Karl had the theme of water.

Serendipities theme, the week before, was  seed.
My contributions for those themes..


Rain's staccato sheen
Crescendos while tree frogs chirp..
Nature's lullaby..


Looking up, I spy
Swaying catkins in the oak..
Then they drop at once.

Gracefully it bows..
Dappled in dew, tender sprouts
Glisten in the sun

And here is my contribution for this week:

Gently she cups it.
With caution she squeezes, smiles..
Ripe avocado!

We do need a new host for next week.
Any volunteers?  


Anonymous said...

Oh no, I'd never dare to make remarks about those glasses ... never, far be it ... gnihihi ... there are pictures of me from the early eighties with something similar in the face, oh dear, where are my old ids 'n stuff ?

LX said...

Nett Brille!

czar said...

"Hey, no comments on my glasses from the peanut gallery now :-)"

You see, Freud would say that really means, "Hey, comments on my glasses from the peanut gallery now :-)"

Trust me, I've been exactly there. Dyed blue and Coke-bottle thick. About 1974.

czar said...

* Or tinted blue. What's the Internet acronym for you know what I meant?

Doom said...

Glasses... Wonderful for what they do but they just aren't all that attractive. Nothing you can do about that but keep smiling while wearing them? That helps. :)

to hold, fold, give
gift themselves, not a burden
decade of helpers

I'll try to put another, or several, in further. Hmm... I'll start posting again. I might even make a post for the last ones. I do enjoy that. Sleep well, glasses girl. :p

Doom said...

given in love or
offered in deceit - no way
to know - only through time

foam said...

Crinch worthy, weren't they, Mago? .. Those glasses, I mean. In a few years, I'm sure I'll feel the same about the glasses currently adorning my face.

foam said...

Really? If you say so.
I'm gonna count that as a very minimalist haiku, btw.

I know! It's my way of bracing myself for potential glass comments. Last time I posted a picture with those glasses on on another site, I got all kinds of comments .. all without the help of Freud.
Btw, ikwym.. I think I just made up an acronym here.

foam said...

Yep, Doom, I'm definitely the glass girl. I prefer them to contacts.
Yes! The first haiku! (Besides LX's mini one) Love them.
And keep them coming!
And on that note, I'm off to work..

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Hmm, all I see is a smile.

Can take many forms
From the finger to the fist
Best when found open

"I'm definitely the glass girl" I'm a glass guy as well. Well mug really.

czar said...

Digits dancing dark.
Conformity . . . redemption.
For me, catharsis.

A haiku dealing with seeing my son as "Pippin" when he was a sophomore in high school (actually, the son who is not growing up to be an actor). For a whole bundle of reasons (mostly my own head craziness), perhaps the most emotional moment of my life.

foam said...

Hello Karl,
Ah.. The finger and the fist ..
An open hand is definitely preferred.
Glass girl, oops .. I'm a glasses wearing mug girl myself.

I'm a very visual person, so it was interesting visualizing 'digits dancing dark'. I loved the link, especially since I was not very familiar with this particular musical. I so get the catharsis, czar. I had my emotional moment when I saw my youngest son's first composition performed.

Anonymous said...

Prehensile lips and
fine-muscle controlled claws can
imitate hand use.

Hands or not hands, a clever critter can sometimes work latches, locks, screws, knots , or other manmade things normally requiring the finesse of the human hand.

Doom said...

One completely of whim. I'm hoping you enjoy the visuals. And, yes, that means I am up!

piano, person
to tickle requires a
will and surely - way

Doom said...


Some of my girls (cats) learned how to open even rounded door handles, among other things, such as pressure release cabinet doors. I never could get too angry. They wanted to see, and go, and know... just like me. Of course, a little privacy in the water closet, sometimes, or at least learning to close the door, would have been nice. *grumbling with a grin*

foam said...

Indeed, they can! I recently watched a video of a horse opening all kinds of barn doors.

Hey Doom!
I really liked that photo you posted with the piano!

foam said...

My cat can open the screened in porch door. I used to wonder how he got in there.

Doom said...

I was betting on the piano picture. It was, actually, sort of, for you or more, for your entertainment. Somehow. :)

foam said...

Yup, doom, it worked! I like the haiku and the visual!

foam said...

Gently she cups it.
With caution she squeezes, smiles..
Ripe avocado!

Doom said...

I have decided, foam.

You, are, indeed, hosting this event. :) Just thought you might want to know.

foam said...

well then, I am glad you're in with the obvious.:-)

Doom said...

Not By Me

named for their deeds
as death and dismemberment
right and left to noobs

foam said...

There it is.. The dark doomster 'ku..

czar said...

Down, off, the other,
Of time; men of certain skills.
-ful, -out, gimme a--

foam said...

Very clever!

Btw, would anybody like to volunteer to be the next host?

foam said...

I did ask Doom to be the next host, btw.

puerileuwaite said...

If I see you wearing suspenders in the next picture you post, I'm calling Larry King to let him know where his missing personal items can be located.

foam said...

Good evening, Pug! I'm all astonishment to see you :-)
Btw, no suspenders for me or big glasses. I just do little glasses these days ... broken since this evening.. tsk..
Did you do that?

Doom said...

Oh, fine. I've held out as long as I can. I will have something up Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Yes, excited. I like doing this. Nothing fancy or... too Doomsterish. I'll post back here, with a link that maps through the landmines to just the haiku post.

Be there or be square!

Doom said...

Oh, well, as with waiting until Wednesday to accept, I couldn't quite wait until Wednesday or Thursday to post. So, if you are curious, interested, here is the Haiku Weekly.

dianne said...

A lovely photo dear Foamy, I like your glasses, those frames are in fashion right now.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Thanks, Doom!

Yes, I noticed that the last time I went to the eye doctor.
I think I will pass on those.

Anonymous said...

Servus Foam,

I heared yesterday on the radio that the Artemisqurtett starts a Wettbewerb - see here. Perhaps one of your sons likes to submit a composition ? They sit in Berlin and are pretty good. Why not give it a try ?

Anonymous said...

~quartett of course.

foam said...

Thanks, Mago! I will let my youngest know! I have to get on my other computer that has a flash player.

X. Dell said...

Um, you know I'm no good at haiku, so I can't really lend you a hand.

As for the specs, well, let's just call it your Elton John period.

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