Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why did the turkey cross the road?

I was rather surprised to come across these wild turkeys on my way back from the veterinarians
this morning. We have a friend who goes out yearly during turkey hunting season.  He has yet to bag one of these normally elusive creatures.  It's no wonder.  They are hanging out in town right in front of our neighborhood.   Smart turkeys....

Spring! The turkey hunt!
Hunters in the wilderness,
turkeys in the 'hood .. :)

Karl is hosting  this upcoming Haiku Monday session.  His theme is Spring.


LX said...

Run! The Fuzz!

I have only seen wild turkeys once — in the late 1950s south of San Antonio in a woods along a creek.

dianne said...

They are so cute Foamy, they should stay off the road in case they get hit by cars.
Your neighbourhood looks lovely and green, very beautiful in that morning light.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

I've seen wild turkeys out and about a few times now, lx.

Dianne, yes, they should stay off the road. Lots of animals should stay off the road. Luckily the Fuzz :-) came along and they ran back into the woods.

Anonymous said...

Cheap thrills.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Nicely done Ku. Nothing quite like hiding in plain sight.

foam said...

No doubt!


Rafael said...


Turkey's got back and look'n for some scratch:D That, or Farmer John's got a glint in his eye and an axe in his hands

Nice 'ku,'n, if I ever did read one.

Good Friday, to you! Happy Easter and even happier feastings:D

foam said...

Of course, you know. :-). Happy Easter to you too! Enjoy your weekend.

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