Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I see the moon?

H20 splatters..
Bare feet flex on cool wet deck

Clouds shimmer in pink

Clouds covered the sky during the night of the lunar eclipse. Although, I had gone to bed, I woke. Rain was splattering against the windowpanes. The cat who had accidentally been left outside was meowing.
Reluctantly, I rose and padded through the living room and an ailing slumbering spouse on the couch. Upon opening the back deck door, the cat whooshed in with an indignant meow. The dog scampered past me while I stood there astonished by the hazy light of the night. Despite the cool rain, I stepped outside in my robe and bare feet. To the north the sky shimmered in a translucent pink. Rushing back inside I grabbed my cell phone. I could not resist taking a photo.
I'm wondering, did anybody actually see the Blood Moon?



Jean said...

Couldn't see the Blood Moon here. It was hidden by Snow Clouds.

foam said...

Ugh. It's cold here again too. No snow clouds though.

LX said...

It was clear here, but I didn't get up to see the moon. Sorry.

Doom said...

The only moon I've been seeing is blue. My neighbors stayed up to see it. The Mr. had to tinker with the scope... at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, because the Mrs. and daughter #1 had not ever been able to make their toy work but failed to notify. *chuckles* I could have told, and did tell, him, but... Never the mind.

Very pleasant poem. And teh tunage has some schwang, innit. It's turning me into a Doom bobblehead. Yum!

dianne said...

No dear Foamy, I couldn't see any pink glow in the sky or the lunar eclipse, too much cloud cover and some rain. Such a shame, I was hoping to see it.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Well, this blood moon has been elusive it seems, lx.
Dianne, I think clouds and some rain are probably beneficial in your neck of the woods.
A Doom bobble head is a frightening concept. However, I'd put up a hellboy bobble head on my dashboard in a heartbeat.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

We had a front passing through. It was blowing like stink with heavy clouds. We were both awake. Without the view, we turned her attentions elsewhere.

foam said...

Karl, we had that same front with the same winds passing through here earlier in the day. The winds were rather alarming. Our massive oaks were swaying in the wind.
It's always good to take the opportunity to turn you attention elsewhere.

Rafael said...

That's a beautiful 'ku, to go along with the pic! Inspiring indeedy-DO.

Blood moon was one of the purtiest I ever have seen...and I'm a moon enthusiast, so, ya know...:D

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