Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Haiku Monday

Good evening, everybody.
With a puff of his breath, Karl blew the haiku feather my way.  It swayed and meandered in the breeze until it landed over yonder someplace.  
I'm getting ready for a house full of company and a music event this weekend.  

So, to cut it short, our theme for this session is .. tada .. SOUND!

Haiku as many as you would like.  We normally stick to the 5,7,5 syllable count, however, going under the count is fine.  Haiku are due Monday (midnight PST).  The very lucky winner is the person who gets to host next.

I'll be checking emails intermittently throughout the weekend.

Guy Brenet (1728-1792)
Le sommeil d' Endymion


Doom said...

Ah, that was fast. Though I know you are between a rock and a hard place. Though, considering the rock and the hard place, I'm not thinking that is too bad of a place for those in particular.

But here are a few. Don't know if I will get to more, but thought to start it off straightaway. And I am up!

Urhm, I took the notion for a ride, as I am want to do. And may do more of that. Something about... turning things on their ear? Uhmhum!

hear all or nothing
wavering between inside
and outside - mostly

sweet music or voices
the right sounds at the right times
body, mind, soul - bless

not inflexible
simply not weak - strength of
character - stolid

Anonymous said...

Now let's hope that ever-young Endymion doesn't snore, Selene would not like it.

LX said...

I like the doggie pix! Yours?

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Haiku feather of fate.
It will land without a sound
Yet bestow honor

LX and Mago: Good evening Sirs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Foam. Hope the visitations are fun.

This evening causes me to write:

H.P. Lovecraft tune?
April gales in stove piping.
Wind flute and bird song.

I think the jet stream has dipped south again.

dianne said...

Good company and music sounds great, enjoy your weekend dear Foamy.
Your little dog looks so sweet with his cute face and sparkling eyes.
love and hugs
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Nice variety of sound haiku. Add as many as you want!

I wish he would give me some of his ability to snooze!

Yup, that's my little ole mutt.

:-) .. Love it!

I love the April gales in stove piping .. lol

It's a ton of fun. It would be more fun if I could sleep .. But, alas..sleep is an elusive thing these days.

Doom said...

Drats, I had hoped someone was getting sleep since I can't. I thought we were tagging teaming, not gang rushing, insomnia? I must have not gotten the memo. Well, if it's any comfort, you aren't alone in the dreadful dark night.

Doom said...

While I'm not sleeping...

some moans of mourning
groans of inequality
cats beg so very well

noise stripped of thought
then carved and shaped to fill
the space - magic of music

Anonymous said...

Another for consideration, Foam, this time with a visual.

Dawn cacophony:
Blackbird horde, snipe winnowing...
white-crown softly trills.

Doom said...

I may have forgotten to mention this, but I can't win. These are just for show. Going on a trip to Madagascar... or, well, maybe not there, but... somewhere in a galaxy far far aw... not there either. But I'll be gone for a while.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

One more:

Music resounding
Violin or the fiddle
Both please listener

Anonymous said...

Being as you seem to have a paucity of entries, I thought I would add another, just to give you more to read. I am watching the spring squalls pour over the mountain range, sweep past us in a shaft of white, and then clear just as suddenly. The fields and hills are emerald green. The cranes just glided in ahead of one, and they just ignore the pelting gropel.

Silent cloud tendrils
paint wind’s whims on the landscape.
Does it shriek up there?

Rafael said...

Nice blow job by Karl, huh? He's a natural:)
Congrats Foamy!!!

All I's got is tried and tread

Round mound of 'licious
Cracks a peek with pants hung low
Dixie whistles through

Be well and happy... Goodnight

foam said...

Hey all, thanks for the entries. You crack me up Rafael.
Serendipity, I love your descriptions of your spring Squalls. Thanks for adding more haiku. Karl, fiddle me a violin, hard choice, eh? Doom, not for judging, okay! Have fun camping. I will judge these tomorrow. Maybe this evening, who knows! Y'all have a phone Tuesday.

foam said...

Oops, fun Tuesday :-)

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