Monday, April 7, 2014

Haiku Monday - Trouble

Company's coming..
unexpected.. Holy Cow!
The place is a mess ..


The Lovely One over yonder at is a brand new participant in our Haiku Monday game.  Her theme is trouble ..  Play, why don't you.  And on that note .. I'm off to do a quick mini straightening up of the abode .. .. yes, unexpected company Is actually coming. 


LX said...

Ah, yes, Trouble ...

Rafael said...

Unexpected guests AND a glass half full...?!?!? Trouble, indeed:(

Good luck with the visitors...I'm sure both hearth and home is always warm for the welcoming, when tread by those familiar.

dianne said...

Trouble for sure!
I wonder why people never pop in unexpectedly when my house is tidy and spotless?
Good luck Foamy dear, I am sure your visitors will enjoy your pleasant company.
xoxoxo ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

:-) Entropy lives!

Chris Benjamin said...

Can't get the words right
unscrupulous editing
attacking deadlines

Doom said...

How pleasant of you. I used to have your notions. At this point, if company comes? They just have to... enjoy the view. Train wreck that it is, it is what it is.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Welcomed with a pint
Your surroundings disarray
Is unnoticed

Anonymous said...

Nice radio btw.

foam said...

Thanks for the haiku! Beer does smooth things out at times. :-)

foam said...

Thank you. We love it too.

foam said...

And he did enjoy the View as is.

foam said...

Chris! Good to see you. Nothing like deadlines to get that mojo going .. Good luck with the words!

foam said...

Yes, indeed.

foam said...

I know, right? I should have put him in the refrigerator. It was spotless.

foam said...

It was fun. It turned out to be a great visit.

foam said...

Yes, indeed. And thanks for the tunes.

Doom said...

Urhm? There is that. Pulling a me on me, but it's... working. :p Never mind, just thinking out loud.

foam said...

Oh, I didn't write any names! That's what I get for writing in bed on an early Sunday morning.

Okay, I'll never mind, Doom.


Doom said...

No, I meant the pic change. I'm thinking the Emperor(ess). Star Wars... Episode OMG! :p

Doom said...

Maybe even Episode ZOMG! Can't remember.

foam said...

Ah yes, my son and I thought so too.

Now, if I could just sizzle folks with my hands I would be all set.

Anonymous said...

Dramatic new image, dear Foam.
A bit like a still from a silent movie, when the cruel empress is thinking about in how many parts the hero should be hacked :)

foam said...

The image is probably a couple of years old, Mago. I came across it when I was looking for another photo. It's part of a set that also involved my youngest. We were hamming it up in front of the ipad or computer camera. I have no idea what Apps I used anymore.

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