Monday, March 31, 2014

My pansies

They survived snow, sleet..
They bloomed despite frost's cold kiss..
Today? Deers ate 'em.


They were right by my front door too!

Anyway, becca is our host for this Haiku Monday.
Her theme is 'broken'..


Anonymous said...

Must be cold on the feet. I like that.
Don't be sad.

dianne said...

Sorry to hear that dear Foamy, pansies are resilient so I think they will recover and hopefully flower again.
xoxoxo ♡

LX said...

Those were like happy hour at the salad bar to the deer. Sorry.

foam said...

Eh, I wasn't sad, Mago. I thought it was funny actually .. after my initial surprise. The pansies are right by my front door. My poor dog must have barked her head off.

Oh, I'm sure they'll recover, dianne.

Just in time to be a delectable salad bar. Isn't that right, LX?

X. Dell said...

Sad to see they couldn't survive everything.

X. Dell said...

I'm thinking, maybe you should raise cockroaches, instead. They survive everything except shoes.

foam said...

Cockroaches? Hmmm .. Nah, with your luck, I'd get tired of them and send them all to you :-)
Good to see you, mein Freund!

Doom said...

You know, what... comes around might very well go around. At that range I am betting a slingshot might do the trick. Hmm... deer steak, that's... all I'm saying there.

foam said...

I'll just have to plant something they don't like to eat.
Cactus comes to mind.

Doom said...

I still think you are missing out. You wouldn't even need a gun, a good stout club might get dinner served. You could even claim self defense.

Oh, fie, be your fauna loving self. I love deer too, albeit more in the freezer than eating my green growy things.

foam said...

A stout club sounds good, actually. It appeals to my inner poppingfolksupsidetheheadness.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

poppingfolksupsidetheheadness, Yes indeed, a fine way of getting folks attention or ending it

Nice haiku.

Rafael said...

*sniff*sniff* Panties?

Deers ate 'em, huh? Who'd a thunk. Good thing you weren't still wearing 'em... or was it winter's bush a blooming they kissed as the mowed? (bleet, bleet...YUMMY:D)

The weather outside is frightful
Hearth and home delightful
So there's only one place to go
All aglow, I will blow...don't cha' know!

You're the ku'iest ku'er in town, dear Foamy:D

Fleurdeleo said...

Oh, this was great! Sad twist.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Deer, oh deer!

foam said...

Yes, I think so too!

If you want to think of pansies as panties go right ahead, sweetheart. I don't mind at all. :-)
I did a little poem around that same ole tune a few years ago.

I still think it's more funny then sad. Glad I didn't spend a lot of money on flowers though.

Mynx said...

Usually it is caterpillars that eat my pretty plants.
I am thankful that deer do not roam near me now

foam said...

Well, we have those too! But it seemed a bit early in the year for them.

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