Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 7 in the Southeast

March 7

  While washing dishes, a tufted titmouse came visiting.
She eyed me. She eyed the morsels on the window then ate a few.
Turning her back to me, she readied
and flew off.
Oder auf gut Deutsch.. Sie hat die Flatter gemacht.

And, yes, that is snow you see out the window.
This is what it looked like earlier in the morning..


LX said...

Flatter Futter!

[dodges thrown snowball]

Doom said...

I have only ever heard the name of such a flighted fowl. Now I know. I must admit, the name has been a tender little boisterous joy since I first heard it as a lad. Something about the term piqued my fancy, before knowing anything fancy, mostly, mind you.

Snow, yet? We are in full spring bloom here. I'll whistle some of this over your way. We'll see.

Thanks for the morning ruminations. Went well with coffee and pistachios.

Anonymous said...

Schneeballschlacht !

*aims vaguely in LX's direction*

Now and then a blue tit stops at my balcony: Looks, turns around, drops something, and off again.

foam said...

Schneeballschlacht! Yay!

Tosses several towards lx, even more across the Atlantic
and dumps the rest on top of Doom. :-)

Anonymous said...

And snowmen too !

*balloon style snowball towards foam*
No, I have no idea, it just fell out of the sky ...

Doom said...

I can take it. I am a cool cat under fire. And more?



dianne said...

Beautiful photos of the little bird dear Foamy, I love it when nature comes so close.
The view from your window is amazing and the photo taken earlier in the morning is very beautiful.
I thought by now your Spring would have arrived but it would seem that Winter's presence is still around.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

I love Calvin's snowmen! But, I have to say your balloon style snowball evaporated on the way here. So, sorry, no crushing of the foam here with a massive snowball .. :-)

foam said...

Ohh, but I would never pour some misery down on you .. not intentionally anyway.. mostly .. (just kidding).

foam said...

It's been quite a winter over here. Old man winter has, hopefully, had his last big hurrah though. It's been quit mild today and the snow has been melting rapidly.

Doom said...


Oh, I know. Just chuckling when I wrote that, mind you. Was just in an oddly funny mood. Kept wondering if that sounded too... much, or dark, but hoped you would just chuckle too.

You are too serus! :p

foam said...

I am too serus much of the time. I do play on the blog a bit.

Rafael said...

Beautiful musings and photos, but spring round the corner??? Looks mighty wintry to me.

Hmmm...what difference a day makes?

Blessings this Sunday!

foam said...

A day definitely makes a difference. Today I took a long walk. It was warm enough to wear short sleeves.
I hope you had a blessed day too, Rafa.

Anonymous said...

Tee ! Honig ! Bärwurz !

Anonymous said...


Tee ! Honig ! Eimer ?

foam said...

Ha! Ja einen Eimer beim Bett habe ich schon gebraucht. Aber jetzt nicht mehr. Es geht mir wieder besser ... :)

Anonymous said...

The magical powers of Bärwurz have saved you.
Even the name is enough, ha!

foam said...

Amazing tincture!

foam said...

Amazing tincture!

Anonymous said...

Yes, makes one see double too. I think you may cut down a bit now ...

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