Monday, February 3, 2014

On the pleasures of feeding ..


.. a vegan relative:


"I'm vegan", he said.

Recipes researched ... prepared -

Nose turned up at most.




On the pleasures of combining food with the watching of a game that doesn't go the way you want it to go..

(I stay in another room.)


Uh oh ... "NO WAY, REF!!!"

"Big man has fouled out." "3 points!"

"WHAT?!! ... "Brats are ready!"


(For the tender eared, language has been extremely modified)


Fishy, over yonder pond, is hosting Haiku Monday. Her theme is Menu .. :-)



chickory said...

vegan is tough. vegetarian is doable. I figure put out some nuts for the vegan and call it a day. too bad about the fuku radiation - you cant eat your way around that. its so doomy go ahead and eat anything.

foam said...

I don't mind vegan at all. I eat vegan at times. But this vegan sat there and carefully dissected the food, carefully picked out the little bit of white rice that was part of a dish .. The white rice was not whole grain, you understand. This was a meal my mother in law prepared. I wanted to slap the fellow.

dianne said...

I have a few vegetarian days as I enjoy vegetables and fruits. If I am a guest at someone's dinner party I eat what is being served.
Some people take their vegan diets to extremes, if he is so picky and was rude enough to dissect the food perhaps he should have brought his own meal. I would feel like slapping him also.
xoxoxo ♡

Doom said...

I laugh because I despise sports, and so don't go through that. Then I cry because, I have my own areas where fouls aren't always just on the screen. Trying to give up all sports, since I find I really don't have a team... politics you know.

I'm just glad some women choose kindness and forbearance, or... something. Urhm, sometimes. :p

As to vegans? I love to cook, but not for them, or anyone with any kind of a pet allergy or such. If they have to have it their way, they have to fix it themselves, starve, or suffer. I don't want to hear it, either. I'm allergic to that, I suggest. Bleh. Spoiled... I would have made a terrible wife? At least I'm ugly! :)

Anonymous said...

Bad behaviour is bad behaviour, vegan or fast food addict who cares.

I ask if someone is allergic, because that can be really dangerous; I usually do not prepare much meat. But it's only a certain stretch I am ready to go; then it's water and bread, or I point someone in the direction of the apple trees, go and help yerself.

LX said...

I agree with Herr Mago.

I have not had to deal with preparing food for vegans. Two of Ex's friends were sanctimonious and occasionally rude with their vegetarianism.

foam said...

Yes, he was rude. I was upset for my elderly mother in law who put some effort Into fixing foods that he might enjoy eating.

I don't have a team either. I really could care less about the game.
I don't mind cooking for vegans or accommodating allergies. I don't have to have meat or cheese. It's the, as lx so well puts, sanctimonious of some of them that I find annoying.

I hear you. I always have water and bread available .. :-)

Yup.. With this male relative, it's the holier then though attitude that is rude actually.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Q: How do you know if someone is a vegan?

A: They'll tell you.

foam said...

That's true.

LX said...

I hope you and yours are safe from the ice storm.

foam said...

That's Atlanta. We are in the 8 - 12" snow range. It's coming down steadily. We are safe. The bird feeder is full. We have tons of fire wood should power go out... plenty of booze ..
Did you guys get any?

LX said...

Good to hear.

We were on the back edge of the system, cold enough but not enough moisture to cause any problems. I would like to be in the NC hills with all that snow and watching the Olympics!

foam said...

.. and drinking screwdrivers!

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Nice to read you folks are prepared and doing well. Having the essentials is important to getting through any weather event.

We're only supposed to get 2 to 4 inches. However, gale warnings are up. The barometer is falling fast, so it's likely to be a bumpy night. The nice part of that, is the high winds blow the snow off the dock. Shoveling 430 feet of dock, really sucks.

Stay safe and warm.

foam said...

Hold onto your hat then and be safe!

LX said...

Be my Valentine!


foam said...

Absolutely, LX!
a big ole mwaah back atcha .. :)

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