Thursday, February 13, 2014

My exercise haiku for this past Haiku Monday and the topic for this current Haiku Monday - ENCHANTMENT ..... sorry for the spacing

Rhythmic footsteps crunch..
Wondering ramble leads to
Frozen pond delight..

(February 8, 2014)


Okay, so Karl felt compelled to pass the Haiku
hosting duties on to me.
to be continued ..
my computer is doing weird schtuff here

mega spacing going on here..

oops, i'm not sure of a theme yet anyway.

i know it's Valentine's Day, but that is too obvious.

oh screw this

I'll be back..Well, this is the theme


Well, I tried to fix it.


The spacing is a little closer.

okay.. i am not messing with this anymore.

haiku rules..


submit as many as you want.

submission deadline

midnight eastern pacific standard time


foam said...

I really don't know what all that weird spacing is about. I will try to repost this. Scrolling all the way down is ridiculous.

LX said...

Wow! Far out!

I am assuming you are on magic mushrooms!

foam said...

LX! Magic Mushrooms .. lol .. I think you probably saw this post before I managed to scoot it a bit closer together. I'm going to turn this old computer off and sleep on it.

dianne said...

Happy Valentine's day dear Foamy!

My computer was off the air for a few days last week, talk about annoying and very inconvenient...I hope your problem will be fixed soon.
Take care little sweet pea!
xoxoxo ♡

63mago said...

Ich seh' nix.

foam said...

Schon wieder? Lol. .. That's okay.
It's because I corrected the worst. Lx saw the original post. It was probably as long as my leg with tons and tons of space between each line.

foam said...

Happy Valentine's to you too, Dianne. It was annoying last night, but also funny. I haven't opened my laptop yet to see what us what this morning.

serendipitouswildmoments said...

Foam it could have something to do with the video? you tried to post. I get a message that says you don't have permission, then gives a link to get back to your page, and then everything is HUGE graphics and enormous spacing, Like you have enlarged the screen 50X. Maybe delete the thing you tried to link?

foam said...

i will see what i can do, serendipity.
we are getting ready head out of town while the roads are still thawed. this is all weird. i have never had this happen.

Doom said...

Here you go. I wasn't able to put anything up last week, too ill. But I am up this week.

she did not believe
a word, a touch, a right smile
now she does not know

the item was plain
a touch here, a smidgen there
back to God's own true

I remembered well
peaks rose into view slowly
the rebirth of home

63mago said...

Jetzat seh' ich's.

Herzlichen Dank.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Sorry the feather landed on you. Yours really was my favorite this week.

Other than the Mrs. There's little I find enchanting, but I'll see what I can come up with.

Rafael said...

Happy Sunday, Foam:D

A thought (or two):

Arms stretched wide; head bowed
Hung to die, he mystifies
Human and divine

Sinuous in line
Tempter turns a cheeky grin
Rooster crows the moon

Congrats, well played...per uzh

serendipitouswildmoments said...

Hey Foam,

Back in from wandering.

Peyote dream or
shaman’s spells. Rock enchantment;
carved by the ancients.

Visual up.

fishy said...

She arrived smiling,
happy to emerge the womb.
Parents? Enchanted.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

As I said, there is little, I find enchanting. And I honestly, feel if more people perceived this life to be their only chance, they would look at the gift differently. These not for judging.

Godspeed Midshipmen
Though enchanted, breaking up
Not worth icy plunge

Expectation ends
Meet your maker if you will
Valhalla greets not

serendipitouswildmoments said...


I have another, but could not load my own video of baby bison as I intended, so the vid of the baby moose will have to substitute.

Spring babies beguile.
Tiny sprites sprint in circles,
then collapse to nap.

Karl said...

Good evening Folks,

For those unaware our lovely and gracious host has posted the Winner.

Karl said...

Sorry bad link. Try this Winner

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