Tuesday, February 18, 2014

and ze winner is .....

 Thanks to all who participated!  Perhaps, if I had gone knocking on doors we might have
 had more participants. I have done that before and it does seem to work.  Anyway, here we are, 
just the few of us, where exceptional quality comes in small doses..  Actually, here you are with the
quality haiku  .. and

 .. here I am ..

ready to judge 


Ya .. you know who you are .. :)

 Doom was first on Valentine's day with these three intriguing haiku ..

she did not believe
a word, a touch, a right smile
now she does not know
To trust or not to trust?  Or is she just clueless?  This haiku leaves me with a sense of forlornness.  Is forlornness a word even?
the item was plain
a touch here, a smidgen there
back to God's own true
The first two lines are really clever lead in lines.  They make me want to know more about the item.

I remembered well
peaks rose into view slowly
the rebirth of home
Ah yes, I do understand this feeling.  I feel the same way when I see our Blue Ridge Mountains rise on the horizon.  I know I'm close to home .. well, where I live anyway.

And here is Rafael being all Rafa in the very best of ways ..

Arms stretched wide; head bowed
Hung to die, he mystifies
Human and divine
Yes, indeed..

Sinuous in line
Tempter turns a cheeky grin
Rooster crows the moon

What can I say .. It just brings a smile to my face .. :-)  See?

Serendipity always enchants with her nature haiku and photography.  

Peyote dream or
shaman’s spells. Rock enchantment;
carved by the ancients.
If you haven't popped on over to her blog, you should!  A great photo of ancient rock art accompanies this wonderful haiku.

Spring babies beguile.
Tiny sprites sprint in circles,
then collapse to nap.

Who does not love watching young animals frolic?  I was fortunate to be able to witness baby fox frolic last spring.


She arrived smiling,
happy to emerge the womb.
Parents? Enchanted.

Karl has submitted a couple of rather dark haiku which are not for judging.   That is really too bad because they leave me rather speechless.  I  like them a lot.

Godspeed Midshipmen
Though enchanted, breaking up
Not worth icy plunge

Expectation ends

Meet your maker if you will
Valhalla greets not

AND ... drum rolllll...

The winner is ...


yay!! And don't hate me, fishy .. 

But, your haiku tugged on my momma strings ..

serendipity is second with her art haiku .. :)



Anonymous said...

Ah, that Fishy. She swims in, splashes one in there, and voila, a winner.

Congratulations Fishy. I can see how that one captured Foam in enchantment.

Foam, nice job hosting. Considering it was a holiday weekend, the turnout was still pretty good. (That photo was taken Sunday during a side outing while returning toward home.)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Thank you for hosting. Perhaps I should explain. Those two haiku are referring to a midshipman who died Sunday night. It appears at his own hand and whether by accident or design still is unknown. At any rate, I didn't feel they should be judged because there's no winner in this situation. I didn't know this young man, however he had great potential that is now lost. It's very sad.

On a happier note. Congratulations Fishy! I know you're not fond of hosting. I'll promise, we'll do our best not to muddy the waters of the pond.

foam said...

Thanks for explaining, Karl. I was afraid they were about somebody who recently passed. It is very tragic and sad.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing everybody over at fishy's. I wonder if she knows .. :)

fishy said...

Still laughing at your "exactly". Because of course you are right. That moment is a universal truth if you are a Mama bird, squirrel, or dolphin! That moment of enchantment lasts a life time.

I will not be able to post a new meme by Friday, but will get one posted some time on Saturday. Meanwhile, can all players seek out old or new recruits? Our field is getting a bit smallish.

BlazngScarlet said...

GAH! I missed Haiku Monday ... AGAIN!
I loved them ALL!

Sorry I missed it Foamy!

becca said...

sorry for not joining this week I was out of town but i'm back and ready to play off to write

Pamela said...

Wow. I enjoyed them -- and your commentary.

I wrote some haiku during my blogging days - now I don't have any creativity in me.

It may be there
hiding, lurking, or pushed aside
Needs butt kick

foam said...

no worries, blazgn.. i miss a week myself at times.

and you've already won at fishy's. congratulations!

good to see you.
you could always join in on the fun!
the next haiku monday is over at becca's .. :)

Anonymous said...

I think picture number one is a very good picture.

Eros lebt im Nicht-Zeigen.

ANd one fast look over the web, over the newspapers and magazines shows in what unerotic times we have to live.

Ich nuckel' ein bißchen an Deiner großen Zehe, wenn Du nichts dagegen hast. :)

foam said...

It is?
You are????
glancing downwards...
bwahahaha!! .. lol ..
You just made me laugh .. :)

Anonymous said...



There !

Oh Krone der Schöpfung ...

foam said...

heh, heh .. ich denk aber jetzt sofort ins Bett! Es ist doch schon spaet!

Anonymous said...

Das ist der Frühlingsbock, mein Schatz !

I'm literally falling off my chair now, dear Foam ; nevertheless : Should I ever have the chance to see you, I'll grab yer toe and give you the lick - Yo !

Bis später.

foam said...

Ha! I think not. :) But anyway, it would be nice to sit down with you and shoot the breeze over a beer.

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