Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I don't rightfully know what compelled me to begin the start of a write-up with pencil and paper!
I never do that.

Can you read it?  No?  Okay,  I'll rewrite it, but don't expect it to be exactly the same.

I picked out my favorite haiku from each participant:

Doom:  Kissing a Woman

it's not what she says
just listen to what she does
to unlock her heart

Dang, Doomster...    This one is positively swoon worthy.  If I wasn't such a sensible old biddy afraid of breaking a joint or two I might have actually swooned too.  ;-)  


Swaying with the tide
Quiet's blossom orchestrates
Tranquility in motion

 How so very peaceful, Rafa.  I can almost feel the gentle rhythm of the water.  If I wasn't worried about something nipping my hiney, I might have felt like floating  away in peaceful bliss to become one with the blossoms. 


Mother Nature breathes
slow.. seasonal .. breathes.  Some live,
some thrive, some endure.

A calm, matter of fact haiku by serendipity that speaks truth of the rhythm of nature. This haiku of reminded me of the quote I posted by Lao Tzu:  Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.


one, two, forward, back
tangled, invisible vine
dizzy feet, no rhythm

What a funny haiku!  Her accompanying visual was also a hoot .. :)  I love the rhythm in the first two lines and then ...... it all falls apart in the third.

Aunty Belle:

Pace-mak-er rhy-thm.  Me:  His

Great steady rhythm in the beginning and then it gallops away at the end.  
I'm just tickled that Aunty had fun breaking all the haiku rules.  She also manages to see the humor in a very serious situation.  I can't imagine life on a pacemaker.


Starting with a beat
Body moves feeling the heat
ends with sexy treat

Been there, done that, Love it!  It's sexy, funny and makes me smile .... 

Okay ..

It ended up being a tie between Doom's 'Kissing a Woman' and Serendipity's 'Mother Nature breathes..'

And the winner is ... Serendipity!

Thank you all for playing!  With so few participants, thanks for going above and beyond with the haiku entries.  I very much enjoyed reading all of them.


Aunty Belle said...

Well done, all, y'all. Wunnerful theme Foamy, and thar ain't no rhythm better'n Ma nature. Hooray for Serendipity!

LX said...

I like the Foam Original® self-portrait!

Doom said...

Wonderful. All.

Swoon worthy, eh? I'll have to... remember that poem. That's all I'm saying there. Maybe print it out, with picture, and use it like holy water if surrounded by... women I have... attracted in my more usual ways. Drop it and run.

I love ties where my opponent gets the, urhm, goodies! Unless a million dollars starts going with it, unless, again, we hit Weimar Republic mark inflation and it costs more to collect than it's worth? :) Bleh, I'd just spend it, money and myself are like oil and vinegar, me probably being more the vinegar. :p Just woke up so I have no idea what I just wrote, mostly.

Congratulations Serendipity. Thanks for the fine contest, foam. Oh... and it's... pleasing to this old ogre to know you are back to crazy dancing. *smile* Something is just right about that.

Anonymous said...

Teehee - LX is right !

Doom said...

Interesting glasses, by the way. They almost look familiar.

becca said...

Congratulations Serendipity.

becca said...

Congratulations Serendipity.

foam said...

Thank you, aunty belle! And thanks for the well wishes in the post below ., :-)
I pretty much knew right away it would be the serendipitous one.... Or doom..:
It's a true masterpiece, isn't it? :-)

Just remember when you hold out that paper to otherwise hold your tongue.. ;-). You don't want to scare away nubile prospects. (ducks and scoots outta reach)

I think so too!

They are those flexible, bendable wireless ones. Is that what you have?

Looking forward to serendipity's theme here.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Hope your feeling better. Thank you for hosting. At times I find that putting things on paper help to coalesce the thought process. Perhaps that's what you were doing. Or maybe just setting a new trend in selfies.

Congratulations Serendipity! Hot dog a weekend in Wyoming.

foam said...

I'm feeling some better, thank you. I actually wrote that in bed before I went to sleep while I was not feeling well. It was nerves. My 22 year old was flying to Europe for the first time on his own on Wednesday when this snowstorm was moving through. But he made it just fine. He sent me a message this morning. Of course, I made that trip on my own when I was 19. I reckon I now know what my mother went through ., :-)

Sometimes, there is something comforting in moving a pencil across the paper. Maybe we should all start handwriting our blogs. :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL on that last, Foam, you would not be able to read mine! I guess the photos would still be OK, though. Thanks for the baton!

Funny you picked mine, I though sure it was Doom's last or Aunty's late night humor. Hi Aunty, nice to see you!! I hope you can play this week.

Sorry for the delay in response I need to be logged in - can't do this at work. (Besides crunching away on some heavy lifting there.)

Karl, welcome to the west. I had no idea that cold moose would lead to this! He was near the Gros Ventre slide over on the edge of Jackson Hole. He had a larger dude with him, but the older bulls have already dropped their antlers.

Becca, thanks. The theme will be up in a little bit. I do have one, but am looking for a good photo. It will be at

LX, when are you going to throw one in instead of being a voyeur?

Anonymous said...

OK, Theme is up at

Hop in and play.

foam said...

Yes, and when Doom was hosting I for sure thought that perhaps Karl or Rafa had nailed it. But, I kept coming back to this particular haiku of yours.

Looking forward to your theme. I'll be right over.

Doom said...

Oh, hold my tongue? Only if... I am choosing for a specific outcome. Let it loose if I have another outcome in mind. I play many various games of chance, but... don't often take chances. You should know this by now.

I wondered if you had guessed. Doubted if it would matter, but that isn't the point of my curiosity.

No, not my glasses. They are from a recent video.

foam said...

Oh! I just reread my first comment to you. It almost could sound as if I was including myself in the nubile group. But, no.. I'm an aged biddy. I was scooting and ducking away from a virtual pop upside the head that you might have sent my way. Btw, I do know you don't hold your tongue if you feel something needs to be said and that you don't take chances.

Doom said...

No, no, I wasn't thinking that at all. Beside being married. Trust me, I just think of you as a friend. We can... just be friends, right? :p

No, I was discussing something totally different. Hmm... I'll have to leave it as a puzzle for you to solve, or not.

foam said...

A puzzle? lol.. I like solving puzzles, but find that I'm often missing a piece of the puzzle too. Just call me clueless.

Doom said...

Don't take this as an affront, but... Aye.

As many clues as I dropped, I would have thought you would get it though. But, that's okay. I was hoping you wouldn't. I just like to put my hands in the fire and giggle, from time to time. It's nice to do it without getting burned occasionally.

foam said...

Oh, that you are a big ole zombie? But I got that. :->

Doom said...

I'm an OGRE, not a zombie. Just zombie-like from time to time. I am enjoying this. I have all but told you. But I won't go that far. *grins*

foam said...

Well, mayhaps, one day, I'll figure it out ..

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Lovely, all of them. When I try haiku they come out like pompous aphorisms.

foam said...

Yes, I thought so too. I've never thought that the fuse haiku you have posted were pompous.

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