Thursday, January 16, 2014

Give me your 'ku for Haiku Monday..

“I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of beauty.” 
― Edgar Allan Poe

“Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can't name the tune.” 
― Deepak Chopra

Doom over yonder  felt compelled to toss the haiku baton my way.  I barely caught that sucker, but catch it I did.  Just in case you haven't caught on to the clues above, our theme for this upcoming Haiku Monday is .... tada!! ... 


Give me your best, post me your 'ku in 5, 7, 5 or close to that.  I'm not counting  this time around.  If the rhythm of the haiku needs an extra syllable or a few less, go for it!  Post as many as you want.  Let me know if you are up, if you have created a blog post around your haiku.  
The deadline to post is midnight (PST) or whenever I wake up on a very early Tuesday morning.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
- Lao Tzu


Doom said...

Oh, I see you got right on this! Well, then, how about a few to start it off. This theme will be difficult to go dark with. Oh, I'm sure it's there, but it's almost too fun. :) No worries, my nature will catch up to me, even on this, probably, maybe.

I'll let you know when I am up.

Life's Song

moment, month, year, decade, life
to mouse or man matters not
one heartbeat per moment


smooth silky lovely
stranger to lover, lovers
two parents - one dance

Quickening - Shhh!

too fast, too slow, time?
seeing what is misses most
listen with your soul

foam said...

Oh lookie here! Nice start on the rhythm theme, doom.
Although I have to say that for some reason, in your first haiku, I expected to see the word caboose. Maybe in the last line as "Each sit on their caboose" .. :-)

Doom said...

Oh, right, that. Remember, mice don't sit on their cabooses, only bears, and... ogres, nephilim, and such. *cough* At least according to my theory of devolution as posited in my thesis in ten words or less.

Doom said...

Urhm, wait, I went backward and bent the game around what you were saying. But then... that's my job? :)

dianne said...

Wonderful quotes here dear Foamy and I like the art. Klimt's paintings are always so filled with amazing colours and patterns, his female forms are quite beautiful but I don't like the males in his art, they look quite brutish.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Thanks! I actually picked the video due to the composer Wohciech Kilar who died a few weeks ago.
I liked the rhythm of the tango, as well as the visual rytthm as depicted in Gustav Klimt's work. Klimt is one of my favorite artists, so having his visuals in the video was a bonus for me. I don't mind his depiction of males at all. Although he mostly does females. the males when added are portective .. to me, at least.

Oh, that's right. It's men, ogres, nephilim that sit on their cabooses .. and smell like onions, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I like to see sparkling naked golden women ! Tango.

BTw I never understood this haiku-thing, and never will.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Congratulations on your win. I offer one to start. Please pardon the rhyme in a haiku, however I feel Rhythm and Rhyme, go hand in hand.

Starting with a beat
Body moves feeling the heat
Ends with sexy treat

Doom said...

"...smell like onions, right?"

I wish! Onions sind sweet-smelling!

foam said...

I don't really understand the haiku thing either. But here I am playing. It's a bit of a challenge, fun most of the time and a way to stay connected online. If I didn't do this, I would probably not be on the blog anymore.

Good evening Karl,
I'm all for breaking the rules.
It's fun, it made me smile. Therefore, it works .. :)

You ever smell an onion that has sat on it's caboose .. err.. out too long? :)

Doom said...

Both, More and Less

moving to the throb
inescapable predator
uncatchable prey

foam said...

Ohh!! Very Doomesque! Verging on the dark :-)
Kewl! And what a loop..

LX said...

Is that artwork an original Foam?

Regardless, it is very pleasing.

foam said...

It's a Delaunay, lx. I do agree. It is pleasing.

Rafael said...

To FAll


foam said...

And what a good thing that is too.

becca said...

congrats my darling on your win and nice theme took me awhile but i think a manage to come up with some respectable entries as always visuals with be up tomorrow

one, two, forward, back
tangled, invisible vine
dizzy feet, no rhythm

fingers move with ease
lovers caress soft as silk
brings forth a song

foam said...

Aww, becca called me darling. I'm feeling all fuzzywuzzy now .. :-).
Great rhythm in both haiku, especially the first one. I'm looking forward to the visuals tomorrow.

I had not really expected any sensuous haiku, but here I have three! One by Karl, Doom and becca! Wait!! Make that 3 1/4 sensuous haiku. Rafa's was a quickie .. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Foam,

Nice theme, it can go so many directions. My visuals are at
since that page is better for multiple images.

Mother Nature breathes
slow…..seasonal…..breaths. Some live,
some thrive, some endure.

The rhythm of love;
fast intensity of youth,
mellows over years.

Powderhounds dancing,
carving endless sweeping tracks.
Black diamond hip-hop.

foam said...

And what wonderful visuals to go with your haiku! T
Your nature photos always wow me.

Anonymous said...

Just one more Foam,,,

Foamy's wild dancing,
step - twang, OW, Ow, ow...limping
ruins the rhythm!

(Meant in fun...)

foam said...

Haha! :-). It definitely put a major crimp into my rhythm, but guess what .. I'm getting it back! Yay!

Doom said...

Gimping around myself, I had little else to do. I created some others but didn't like them, so... Anyway, a few more. Not sure if I mentioned, but I am up.

Why titles? I don't know THAT! Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Not even sure if you are supposed to, or... not? Well, it is art. Which... is made up... so?

Snappiest Beat

cadence, not dancers
the testimony of truth
fruits will distinguish

Kissing a Woman

it's not what she says
just listen to what she does
to unlock her heart

Rafael said...

Hey, Foam:D

Swaying with the tide
Quiet's blossom orchestrates
Tranquility in motion

Oh, and congrats, btw; you're always a it player or host.

& I'm UP, too!

foam said...


I've seen other haikuers add titles. It seems to be done at times. Like I said in your post, the last one is my favorite of yours... It just works!

I'm always happy to see you.. :-)
Glad you came back with another most excellent 'ku..
And an up post .. :-)

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

One to add:

New Year encounter
Unreliable method
Adds new addition

foam said...



Aunty Belle said...

Is Karl makin' us an announcement? Dopes he expect a pitter patter rhythm soon???

Wunnerful quotes, Foamy. Rich theme. Hope to git back heah a'fore you wake.

foam said...

Aunty! I was kind of wondering the same thing..
I'll probably wake up sometime after I get back from work.

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunty Belle said...

Ain't tryin' to turn ya' into Mrs. van Winkle. : ) go ahead, have some Cawffee and wake all the way up. Heh, youse a stitch, Foamy.

Loosely goosey rules? Takin' ya' at yore word an' havin' fun playin' it fast and loose.

Pace-mak-er rhy-thm. Me: His

Pappy seen the boy
Shakin' in a Memphis hotel:
"They called him, Elvis."

foam said...

Don't mind me .. Just sleepwalking through
1. Great rhythm with the word play, aunty. You got the steady rhythm in the first 2lines and the gallop of the last.
2. Ya know? I was just dancing around to ole elvis tunes while cleaning the kitchen yesterday evening.

Doom said...


Now, now. If propriety couldn't stop his tick, I doubt if a man-made device can. *skip* *grins*

Aunty Belle said...

Here is rhythm fer ya'

foam said...

Hey folks,
Thanks for all the entries! And thanks auntie for the dancing parrot! He has better rhythm then some humans I know .. :-)
I'm currently feeling a bit out of it, not so well, achy. I'll probably post the winner tomorrow evening. I do know who it is though.

Rafael said...

Sending you SMILES of sunshine:D

Rest and be well...

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Gee, hope you feel better soon.

Under the weather
Seek rhythmic respiration
So you feel renewed

@ Aunty Belle: No ma'am, not making an announcement or speaking from experience. Mine were planned. However it's a situation, I've seen more than once.

Nice to see you play. Your talent and wit has been missed.

foam said...

Thank you, Rafa and Karl! :-)

Aunty Belle said...

Feel better, sweet thang.

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