Thursday, January 9, 2014

On the edge.. Updated..

Tuesday morning, January 7th, started out with temperatures at 3 degree Fahrenheit. Schools were cancelled and nothing compelled me to get up. I turned over and snuggled in. By the time the afternoon rolled around, temperatures had risen to a balmy 25 degrees Fahrenheit. I felt it was time for a walk.

I love to go on walkabouts along water. Luckily, there are several places on the edge of town that are easy to access. If I get off the path and walk on the edge pf the water, I can usually also pretend that I am out in the wilderness.

Whistling wings rustled..
Skimming frigid waters, they reached
An edge I could not.

I did not expect to come across any wildlife. While crunching through the leaves along the edge of this small river, I accidentally rustled up a bunch of ducks. As I moseyed along the river, I kept disturbing them just as they would settle back in. Finally, they smartened up and flew to the other side.
I have a few more photos which I may add here, some perhaps with haiku.
Oh, speaking of haiku..!!!
I almost forgot to mention our next, most excellent host for this next Haiku Monday:
Doom! The theme is 'edge'. Go check it out!

I wonder what 3 degrees feels like to a duck?

Updated.. January 11, 2014

Last night as I readied for bed, I opened the windows. It was raining. Compared to the previous nights, it was remarkably mild. Temperatures were over freezing. I snuggled into bed and fell asleep to the sound of rain. This morning I woke to the same sound. Often times, a good night's sleep is elusive. Last night, I slept well.

A morning haiku ..

drifting on the edge..
a cold rain gently patters,
chases dreams.. I wake.


LX said...

When I lived in Ann Arbor, there was a large flock of mallard ducks that didn't migrate. They lived in a city park and were fed by visitors year-round. The bitter cold, ice, snow, and cold water didn't seem to bother them at all.

Doom said...

If it is the other shore you wish to reach, you can do that. Through the water? That too. Ah, but flight? Possible. It's just all at once? Hmm... fly with them, through them.

Try it in your mind, even now. You... might be surprised. I do such things often. Yeah, not quite the same but it eases my want.

The poem elicits my imagination. Didn't know what type of bird, didn't know the specific area. Quite fun to run with. Now with the backstory... busy comparing notes.

foam said...

Well I'm pretty sure these ducks don't get fed by humans much since they kept flying away from me. Maybe this river provides a steady source of food throughout the year.

foam said...

Oh, I don't really necessarily want to reach this specific edge. This haiku is certainly literal, with a reference to a season, mind you .. :-). There are many edges I have not reached. I'm still working on trying to figure what those are.

..yes, I actually tried imagining what it would feel like skimming the surface of a river while flying like a duck

dianne said...

A very lovely place for a walk, you could pretend you are in a wilderness.
I am pleased to hear that the weather has improved, I have been watching the weather reports and saw all of that snow and how dangerous the roads were.
Ducks and geese are so cute.
xoxoxo ♡

Chris Benjamin said...

Gorgeous photos. Everything here is covered in ice - they aren't letting the kids on the playground it's too slippery. Expected to thaw this weekend. I should get some photos now.

foam said...

We actually did not get any snow, although just thirty miles up the mountain they certainly did. But it was, oh so very coooooooold .. :-)

Good to see you! Yes, you should get some photos. I'm sure everything looks eerie and spectacular at the same time.

Pamela said...

Our cold weather warmed with a Chinook Wind and was 60 when I peaked out at 5:30 this am.

Now the wind still blows but I think it is a bit chillier.

Loved your shadow on that one photo.

foam said...

Hey Pamela! It was relatively mild yesterday too. It did rain the live long day though. The ground is beyond saturated.

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