Saturday, December 21, 2013

Survival .. On a winter soltice ..

A feather adrift..
Tumbling with the punches, yet..
Sometimes I PUNCH* back.

(*punches, punch meant figuratively, of course)

Okay, I know .. This is not a feather afloat. But this beast is certainly responsible for plenty of dog hairs afloat.

Serendipity is our host for this week's Haiku Monday challenge. Hop on over to her blog and check out her wonderful photos, haiku and stories of serendipitous wild moments. It's worth it!

It's an early winter soltice saturday morning. Pinetop and youngest son are getting ready to chop wood with a group of other people who will then haul it off to folks who are in need of firewood. I'm plopped in a chair with a cuppa joe. I'm not going. With my still weakened ankle and leg I would just be in the way. Instead, I will make room for the Christmas tree. Today is the perfect day to put it up. We seem veritable grinches for putting it up so late, but our tree stays up until the Epiphany (Heilige Drei K├Ânige).
Perhaps it's due to the holidays, but I've been looking at this photo of a mother and daughter from decades past in Paris. Not many photos exist of the two of us from way back when the hills were still young. The photo was taken by pinetop, btw. This January marks the fourth year since her passing.

And here is some music..
Paul Winter in a magical collaboration for the solstice.. It's well worth listening to.


Desert Cat said...

Ah, not hard to tell which decade. Whatever possessed us to don such outlandish spectacles?

Karl said...

Neat picture...Love the glasses. Memories of a loved one's passing only help to reinforce the bond between.

I wish I could play a beer bottle as well as he can.

foam said...

Desert Cat! I know, right? Although, they did have a nice range of vision. We might think the same of the spectacles we wear now in a few years.

I was trying to figure out which beer it was .. :-)

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