Friday, December 27, 2013

Just rambling..

On this third day of Christmas..

What shall I knit next?

During the few weeks before Christmas I've knit two 6' plus long scarves.

One scarf proofed to be unsatisfactory (to me) as a finished product. Therefore, I completely unraveled and redid it.

The scarves were given to my boys, the toboggans to the men (pinetop, boys) in my family.

The 4th toboggan went to a friend of ours who spent Christmas Eve and day with us.

Perhaps it's time to knit a tobbagan for myself.

After all, it's cold outside.


63mago said...

I always thought a toboggan is a Schlitten ?
You have a place to Schlittenfahren ? I always liked that a lot, downhill, trying to get that curve around the tree ... a bit like Calvin (of C&H) in his small chariot. In summertime once can use a plastic bag over grass, just make sure to avoid stones.

foam said...

Yeah, there are many places to go Schlittenfahren here if we would get the snow. A tobbagan can also be a knit cap though, especially here in the south. Why? Beats me.
Here a Schlitten is called a sled most of the times.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Think positive, knit a bikini. May not do much for you, until Pinetop warms up.

LX said...

Lovely knitting.

Also called toboggans in Southeast Texas. No snow or hills, so no sleds though.

Karl said...

@ LX: When I was a boy, we lived in the Mojave. One year for Christmas my parents gave me a flexible flyer. Nothing quite like a little boy trying to sled down a sand dune.

LX said...

@ Karl: Bummer. I would have sunk in the swamp.

Karl said...

@ LX: Maybe a toboggan would have helped us both.

foam said...

Karl, I don't have to do any knitting for that. All I have to do is tie a few knots for a string bikini. (Envisioning myself in a string bikini..oh, the horror .. :-)

Lx, yeah, no snow .. But chiggers galore!

Karl, a little thin plastic sled would have need ideal!

Lx, and a kayak or swamp waders for you..

Karl, not toboggans.. Perhaps shower caps, maybe? :-)

dianne said...

Foamy dear you should knit a toboggan for yourself if its cold outside, here they are called 'beanies', I don't know why.
I used to sled down the steep sand hills at the beach when I was a young girl, so much fun.

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

sweet dianne,
I should, I really should. Exactly this moment I'm knitting a cotton washcloth of all things. I remembered I had promised a friend one.
I bet sledding down a sand dune was fun!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

"On this third day of Christmas..
What shall I knit next?"

In all honesty, I have never asked myself this question. Ever.

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