Thursday, December 12, 2013


Fate .. Predetermined?

Perhaps... Yet, in our choices

We cobble our road..




I'd leave this road in a heartbeat.

But that is neither here nor there right now.


The Nancy, over yonder at, is our host for this Haiku Monday. Her theme is fate.


Doom said...

The dilemma of fate versus choice. In the end you seem to come down to choice, if by proxy... sort of. I think? Anyway, I'm with you. And, as you, one heartbeat away from... another road? :)

Oh groovy baby.

foam said...

My other road has to wait a bit.
But I'm chomping at the bits here.

Groovy, eh? :-)

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

I'm guessing your other road, means not having to travel on the one you've posted the picture of. The road of retirement.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I think we all would—but for cowardice and doubt.

dianne said...

I love you haiku dear Foamy, there is an element of truth in your words but I wonder if given another road if we would make similar choices.
love and hugs lil sweet pea!
xoxoxo ♡

nrhatch said...

I love the flow of your haiku ~ with its nod to predetermination and a high-five to free will.

foam said...

Karl, it's more the road of change or different locale. I'm still a few years away from retirement.

More like not the right time, perhaps doubt. I've picked myself up and have travelled over the big pond 3 times for change purposes, so I would like to think it's not cowardice.

You know .. That is an excellent question.


Rafael said...

Hey, Foam!

Haven't been getting around much, but would be completely remiss if I didn't pop in to say, "Howdy HO and WOW!"

You're always spot on with your 'ku, and this one is spottacular!

Sometimes the toesies are a tingling, yet your gut says, "not so fast, Senor! "

Oh, and sometimes chomping at the bit has it's own sweet dessert ...YUMMY:D

foam said...

Good to see you out and about!
Funny, usually it's my gut that says hurry up but the feet are a draggin'. :)

Rafael said...

Hmmm, I've always thought of feet as folly & guts as glory. Remember, though, you're talking to a guy who sees the world ass backwards; forward and present. 'Course, with hind sight being what it is, I'm most always crack'n a fools grin of rightedness.

Either way, good luck on bridging the gap betwixt old road to new.

foam said...

Well, Rafa, I was a thinking of the old 'follow your gut' bit of wisdom .. or folly.. :-)

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