Friday, November 15, 2013

Haiku Monday

Okay, folkses..
It turns out that I am the host for this upcoming haiku Monday.
I am going to keep this short and sweet.

The theme is passion..

Have at it, pretty please. Post as many as you want. The deadline is Monday, 12 midnight wherever you live. Please help advertise the show if possible. I will be AWOL the rest of the weekend. I'll check in when I can.
Love ya's!


Anonymous said...

Well, Foam, sometimes something occurs immediately. Here is one, don't know if I'll have time for more.

Delicate, complex,
flamboyant, symbolic bloom.
The passionflower.

The first time I saw one of these I was mesmerized by the intricate beauty of the flower. Somewhere among my slides I have dozens of photos of these.

Best of luck everyone.

LX said...

Congrats Haiku Meisterin!

foam said...

Glad you could make it with such a nice haiku, serendipity! The passionflower is indeed beautiful.

There are not a whole lot of us who play anymore, lx.
I may have won, but it is almost more like taking turns at this point. But, thank you .. :-)

Doom said...

Congratulations foam! Oh, come now, you are always so shy and unassuming. Good poems deserve rewards.

A funny thing happened on the way to the store. I ran into your theme. It got ugly. Hope to get better.

a curse or blessing
trapped in beastly nature
striving for wisdom

Pamela said...

so... you just want a haiku about passion? I may try to join you. I've poked my head up for November after being challenged by an old blogging buddy.

foam said...

It's the striving part that counts in the long run ..

I was glad to see your posts again. Please do join us. I'd love to see a haiku from you.

Doom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doom said...


The striving part, you say? Then I'm good. I'm a striving fool. Both with emphasis! :)

Here is my Saturday haiku. And I am up.

snow kissing the ground
clouds caressing the mountains
love surrounds - just look

foam said...

And what a nice Saturday 'ku it is, Doom.

Aunty Belle said...


nice entries Sere-dipity and Doom. Very nice.

Have a great weekend Foamy. Thanks fer hostin'. I'll spread the word beyond the porch.

foam said...

Do come out and play .. :-)

Anonymous said...


Here is another. Probably my last for this week.

Lustful bulls screaming.
Elk passions run high; breeding.
Danger wears a crown.

Until you have had an inflamed and impassioned bull elk come looking for you thinking you are a rival, you have not seen how dangerous an elk is. Unless, perhaps you have spent time with big, furious cow elk in a catch trap - caged in with them.

Doom said...


Wild woman indeed. You sure seem to like to play with your food. You know, it's probably easier if you at least kill it first? :p I hope you don't like your men like you like your work... or was that play?

Doom said...

Just some doodles as I prepare to sleep. Simple, not nature oriented at all... Just... what was it? Ah, stream of consciousness, as I lose that last. Confusion betwixt the two only exists if there isn't something greater, above all and it all. Now I can see so there is no discord.

hisses like a cat
loves like a hurricane ~ she
reminds me to live

brothers in arms - true
terrible and reckless - sure
more than kin - my life

becca said...

here are my entries visuals will be up tomorrow

breath catches, heartbeats
electricity sparks, smile
his passion ignites

dancing in moonlight
sweat slick bodies entwine, move
forbidden passion

foam said...

Wow! No, I can't say I've ever come across an enraged elk. The only bull elk I've come across was munching peacefully in somebodies yard as we were slowing winding our way up a steep curvy dirt road in the Nantahala Forest. I've been chased be a cow once. Does that count? I have come across some dangerous urban animals though. One held a gun to my chest. The other was a burglar who I encountered in our home. But all that was in another lifetime.

foam said...

Your first one .. That is a passionate nature indeed. This haiku could be about a mother figure or a lover. I saw the accompanying photo at your site. I'm assuming it's an image off the webs?
Your second one .. I don't ever want to be there .. But I get it. My father in law is an old marine. Those with whom he served are his brothers.

foam said...

Glad you showed up!
I was wondering if I would get steamy sensuous haiku..
Fanning myself here... And here we are! These are nice!

Doom said...

Women may not have it as men do, but women certainly have the sisterhood. It's a different fish but don't even think it isn't just as powerful. Different goals, means, and ends... applied in different ways... but women are just as attached as men are, with your own hierarchy, state secrets, and the rest. *grins*

Even those of you, the shy, the quiet, the less social, who don't just jump into the more social pool... it's there. When you see one of your kind. It might just be a word of praise, or agreement, or a look. Humans fascinate me. I watch, even when there is no intention of becoming involved. Fascinating... Jim. :P

foam said...

Oh, I know, we do and ugh .. I'm trying to think and write through a major fall allergy crude attack .. Sniffle ..

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the kindred spirit, Doom. That is a different brotherhood/sisterhood that is sometimes genderless. Those of us who are true hunters feel it, and men can even forget women are female at times - when we are all hunters. For those of us who - for us - the chase is a passion not to be denied, not just entertainment, sport, or a dalliance, it is ingrained, visceral, genetic and we all know it. (Thus I know these things of elk.)

Foam, Having a gun pointed at you is bad business. The adrenaline dump you get from that can make you do improper things unless you can clamp a lid on. You must have done OK since you are writing today. My opinion of you continues to go up as I get to know you. And then having a burglar in your home - wow. You have had some experiences.

Aunty Belle said...

A Moonstruck Nowak,
Frigid night rage uncontained-
Nutty NASA babe.

foam said...

Aunty! .. And serendipity .. Ah yes, that ..
Anyway, it's a wet Monday morning, thank goodness since 2400 acres of a favorite mountain top have been burning an hour away.. I think I'm starting to feel better.
I'm off to work .. Another day, another few pennies, eh..

dianne said...

Love ya too dear Foamy!
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

I had completely forgotten about that.
Passion run amok.. what a nut job..

Oddly no fear. Afterwards it took me years to get over the burglar though. Anyway, they ended up the losers ..

Amanda Geering said...

Well hello friends. Long time no see. Great topic foam!

Her life in his hands
Finger lies on the trigger
She loves him no more

Clothing torn to shreds
Hot and wet, and hurts so good
In a world their own

Amanda Geering said...

Congrats on your win foam, love your kus

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

See, I told you it was my aftershave. A fine turnout for a fine topic. If I may add two.

Her beautiful smile
Mahogany hair gone grey
The light in my heart

Passion on the beach
Wearing nothing but a smile
Sand and sun take toll

foam said...

Thank you! So glad you could make it .. And ..
Wo! A gun 'ku!
I wouldn't love him anymore either.
And a steamy one! Very nice!

Well, I can't smell you for what it's worth .. :-) ..but my nose is completely stopped up with allergies.
Thanks for 2 great haiku!
I've seen the 2nd in action on a secluded beach that you could only get to by climbing over cliffs. This was on Crete. This couple laying just 20 feet away decided to just .. do it..

Rafael said...

WOW, Foam! Nice turnout! You got some good'ns this week:D

I have a couple to add to your pile:

Underlying heat
Embers glower, steal air's kiss
Faggots crackle; POP!

Furied passions burn
Wallowing, I flagellate
'Spending self fleshly

And I'm UP...if you have the mindset for it.



foam said...

Rafa, like it said at your site. These are intense!

Doom said...

Late is the hour. Still... since I have denied you to date, I wrote one just for you. Not regarding you, mostly, but for your... sweet tooth. I'm thinking you may enjoy the visual as well.

elegance of flesh
touch, sight, sound, scent, taste, warm, wet
silk of the senses

foam said...

Hey guys and gals, thanks for all the entries. I'll try to pick our next host this evening sometime..
Doom, you is nuts .. :)

Doom said...

I'm good with being nuts. B. General McAuliffe would approve and that's good enough for me. Besides. I have you all right where I want you. You might as well surrender.

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