Monday, November 11, 2013



My dad, a gunner

In the big red one..

They called him the kid.




LX said...

Salute to your dad.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam.

A fine looking man. You have his eyes. All the better to see, the generations his service helped to happen.

Happy Veteran Day.

foam said...

Thanks, lx. Really, a salut to all..

Happy Veterans Day and thank You.

Doom said...

All were kids. He must have had some serious baby-face thing going on to have been given that nickname.

Thank you. You paid a dearer price than most.

dianne said...

Foamy this is a beautiful photo of your Dad, he is a fine looking man and so young.
When I was sorting through the photos from my Dad's I found some wonderful photos of him in his WWII service days, gosh they were all so young.
I salute him too, Happy Veteran's Day!
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

It was his age. He was 17..

They were young! My uncle who received a Purple Heart was 19. A salute to your dad, dear Dianne. It was good to see your blog post again. I have missed you.

Doom said...

Yeah, that would do it, foam. Then again, the "old man" in our group was 33, or 35, or something ancient like that. Funny how things were.

Your dad was 17? Oh well, probably met your mom later... then again, funny how things were?

foam said...

Oh yeah, much, much, much, much later ..

Anonymous said...

I seriously do not know whether I should write about my family. You know there is always ... es gibt keinen Grund auf das EK I stolz zu sein, nach 1918.

There is still a trunk with papers and things in the cellar, eine große Kiste. When I moved to this place, and when my father died (earlier), I was not in my mind, at both times, for different reasons.
I am fifty. They are all dead. I am really not sure what to do. But I will have to stirr it up once - and I want to have a clean cellar when I move another time.

It may be difficult.

I thank GOd that my father was too young to be a soldier. Thankfully he shot at nobody. Du weißt was ich meine Foam, es geht allein um Schuld.
Herrjeh ...

foam said...

My family including my sibling are dead too.

Ich weiß ganz genau was du meinst.
Ich habe am Sonntag versucht meinem Buben zu erklären
wie nah der 2. Weltkrieg ist fur uns die in den 50er und 60er Jahren aufgewachsen sind.

My computer wants to autocorrect all these german words.

LX said...

You mention he was a gunner. Did he carry the BAR?

foam said...

You know, lx? I have just no idea. The only reason I know this much is because my uncle, a D Day vet and Purple Heart recipient, told pinetop swamp some war stories. This uncle never told me any. He loved me and would give me great big bear hugs, but he related to pinetop as a fellow soldier.

Rafael said...

Piercing... just like your dad's.

Blessings to you!

...and Congrats!D

foam said...

I couldn't figure out the congrats, Rafa. I'm a bit slow at times .. :-)

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