Saturday, November 9, 2013


Yesterday evening, I sat completely enthralled and mesmerized during a performance of Verdi's Requiem performed in the next largish town over. What a wonderful way to spend 90 minutes sitting still! Of course, having a clear view of my son who is a tenor in the choir didn't hurt whatsoever. Sitting comfortably between the pinetop and my oldest son made the event even more perfect. I wish I could show a snippet of their performance. I suppose the above will just have to do... :-)

In the meantime, over yonder sea or bay shore, Karl is hosting our next Haiku Monday. His theme is based on Sinatra's 'My Way'.
Here are a couple offerings of mine...

She contemplated..
Why do it the easy way
When there's a hard way..

She felt stifled, choked
Her gaze fell on distant lands..
With spread wings she flew

Oh, before I forget...
As a family we are going to see this fellow perform this evening. I love musical weekends.


LX said...

That's so cool that your son was in that performance.

Are you and/or Mr Foam musicians or vocalists as well?

foam said...

I play the piano, the pinetop has the voice.
However, I don't consider myself a musician.

Anonymous said...

GOtt strafe gema, but I think I "know" the piece, and I'll surely will find Abado somewhere.

I think some weeks ago a piece was performed one of your sons authored - wenn das keine musikalische Familie ist !

It's years since I heared an electrical violin, only know the old stuff of Zappa and the French player whose name I forgot now - not Andre Rieu - der Meisterschmuser.
I hope you have a relaxed musical weekend.

Carol said...

It must be a thrill to listen to your son sing in such a vigorous performance!

Your first haiku... You could be writing about me - always choosing the hard way.

Happy musical weekend!

dianne said...

How exciting to listen to your son singing in such a grand performance. I love Verdi's Requiem and also that of Gabriel Fauré.
Enjoy your concert tonight, I enjoyed the video of Sam Bush, great music.
Your second haiku is my favourite, just how I am feeling lately.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Yes, we did have a wonderful weekend .. except for car troubles. But with the help of a friend and a previously unknown to us car mechanic all was taken car of. The mechanic would not take any money.

foam said...

Carol, it really was special! Gah, lordy.. That 1so one is so me. It's pitiful..

foam said...

Indeed, it was very exciting.
The 2nd haiku applies to my youth, although I have to admit still feeling that way sometimes. I hope you manage to find some time to eventually travel, Dianne. You deserve it.

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