Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Haiku Monday .. Our next host is ..

Thank you all so much for playing!  Since we have dwindled down to so few, I'm grateful when anybody shows up!  I always love to read the different takes on the same theme.  You guys did not disappoint!  Your haiku are indeed diverse and they were wonderful!

We have everything from ....

..RAGE, intense heated and furied passions, love that lights the heart, snow kissing the ground .. passions that kill, shred clothes, end up with sunburned bottoms and sand in questionable places, passionate natures .. the kinship of brothers in arms, the sensuous, passion for music, delicate flowers, screaming bulls, love that lights the heart ...

I delighted in all your haiku.. xo

But, now I'm supposed to pick our next host .. sigh ..   
And let me tell you .. I've been in the mood for gentle, peaceful, calming ...  Might have something to do with my summer, early fall and last week (shudder) ..  Anyway, here goes:

The winners are:


snow kissing the ground
clouds caressing the mountains
love surrounds, just look

Some of my most peaceful moments when my heart feels the fullest is when I am in the mountains.  The different seasons can all be magical .. but there is something about snow ..
love surrounds, indeed.. 


This is just so positively lovely and enduring. It makes me smile.  

Her beautiful smile
Mahogany hair gone grey
The light in my heart


I instantly thought of passion flowers when I picked out this theme.  And serendipity did not disappoint with her wonderful haiku!  

Delicate, complex,

flamboyant, symbolic bloom.
The passionflower.

Okay ..

I pick Doom!  I'm a mountain momma .. what can I say .. There ya go, buddy.  Have at it .. :)


Doom said...

Thank you foam. You had a fine contest this week. I am a little surprised, and pleased. To be chosen is good, but to give a little gift that is personal is a joy.

Congratulations as well Karl and Serendipity. You've been judges, you know how difficult the last choices are. And I think everyone contributed quite nicely. It's good to have a little art in life.

I'll be up Thursday, maybe as late as Friday. So... be ready!

foam said...

Oh! You are certainly welcome.

Aunty Belle said...

Well done all! Fun theme, fantastic judging.

congrats to Doom!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Tis always a fine time, when you host. Thank you. To have "made you smile" is an honor, Thanks. However, I must ask. Could you still smile, with a burn on your bum and sand it your bits?

Well done Serendipity. It's a moment to be held in ranks with you. A fine job to everyone for a nice turn out.

Congratulations Doom! Looking forward to next week's topic.

Karl said...

Ack, not again. it = in

foam said...

Karl, probably. I smiled in the woods after all ..
I have slept away a night nestled and hidden amidst the dunes in Spain. So I know that sand gets into everything.

Rafael said...

I have to admit, when I first read Serendipity's, I was like, "WOW"...ding, ding DING! Then I kept reading, and enjoying, and reading.... Doom's did ring a might special in my ear, too, but what a great turnout had by all.

Congrats on a well earned WIN, Doom! Karl and Serendipity are tough nuts even on their worst day.

It's always fun times at The Foaming:D

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Beautiful haikus - a really delicate touch.

foam said...

Yes, this group is really good!

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