Friday, October 11, 2013


Rafael over yonder at ramblings from my typer is the host for this upcoming Haiku Monday.

His theme? Well? Click on the link and find out!

Stripped bare of her clothes..

She invites with a twinkle

Her one and only..



(an old foam noodie doodle from 08 or 09)


.. Oh, this is not happening now. Currently I'm sipping on a beer writing this post while the pinetop is drooling over Ann-Magret in the movie. R.P.M. from 1970.



Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Well...Turn off the computer. Grab him a beer. And the both of you enjoyed the movie, as well as what ever follows.

foam said...

It's okay, Karl... All in due course when the timing is better.

Rafael said...

Ya' know, Foam, it's simple gestures like this, which makes baring oneself more than the flesh, but the soul. Vulnerable, but a hot...

Oh, and your doodle is perfect. Bare, with a slight blush. Curvaceous, yet simply drawn. Oh, and even I know what lies betwixt... there, yet not. Pinetop's got a winner, and she's not inside the boob box.


P.S. I haven't commented on your videos, btw. Those were awesome! Are the masks for Halloween, or is this an everyday occurrence in your household? Funny, either way:D

dianne said...

Love your noodie doodle Foamy dear and your Haiku is lovely. Yes, your one and only, that is special.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Hey, thank you, Rafa .. On both counts! The images with the mask were shot around Halloween last year although the fang mask has made quite a few appearances throughout the year. Other images were from throughout the year. But, it can get whacky here.

Yes, that is special. Despite the normal bumps along the way I've been blessed.

Doom said...

Nothing left hidden in there, in the poem, at all. Tis truly bared, in all ways.

As for the visuals? I dunno, to me, that's about all I can make out when the mood and availability comes due and then there she is. Looks like a roadmap to me. Hmm, or a treasure map.

foam said...

True. On the surface it bares much.

Doom said...

There you go getting all deep. You wouldn't be suggesting that the girlish presentation isn't always what it seems? I can't claim to know all of that on the woman's side, only I understand some things. Like the fact that the most brazen of women lovers... can somtimes hide themselves in girlish bravado to tame the blush... or something. I don't get it all, but, in spite of my blindness in such moments, am not without some sight. Or are you just trying to work my mind? :p

Anonymous said...

From your "reduce to the max"-series?

Monique said...

Hi there, I'm back for a bit, nice doodle

foam said...

Yeah.. I've had a lot on my mind lately. Probably made me
" deep" which is a rare occasion.. :-)

Yup.. I do have a few more ..

I saw! Makes me think I should do something similar ..

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