Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The quickest write up for judging I've ever done ..

Do know that I really appreciate everybody who popped in from busy schedules to participate in our still hobbling along wee weekly haiku party.

This is the quickest write up I've done. Usually I like to say something about each haiku but life is intervening in quirky interesting ways, some good, some bad .. :-| and the wind in my sail has been very sporadic lately.

Okay, of all your truly enjoyable haiku, I narrowed it down to these three. I initially had it narrowed down to more haiku, but then I realized that was everybody's haiku .. :-)


So, who to pick ..


Eenie meenie miney ...



to see in the night

is to see into the soul
darkness is not evil


High seas moonless night
Bioluminescent wake
Marks path less traveled

Desert Cat

Whippoorwill, my love,
Your call my lullaby song.
Lost dreams I follow.


The doomster has it with

To see into the night ...

Congratulations, Doom!




Doom said...

Short and sweet but sweet indeed. Thank you for enjoying. I am a bit surprised about your picks, and the one of mine in particular, but that is why the judgeship rotates. It's interesting to see what is chosen, a part of the intrigue.

Good luck with... all that. Your still on the prayer list until I think it sounds like you are up, kicking, and back to your groove. You kids worry me, you know?

foam said...

Well, I'm always surprised when I get picked. I was surprised this last time. The longer list really did include at least one poem from all the participants. If they only submitted one it included that. But it needed to get narrowed down and I was running outta steam. The pinetop is ailing again.
Anyhoo, you are on my kick butt sending good vibes prayer list .. :-)

Doom said...

*scribbles* Pinetop. On the list. Busy list lately.

moi said...

Yay, Doom! Congrats!

Karl said...

Good morning Foam,

Thank you for the honorable mention. And for hosting this week. Funny how life has a way of intervening in things you want to do. I hope the wind in your sails steady to a fair trade wind breeze.

Congratulations on your win, Doom!

Carol said...

I like all three of these. Bioluminescent wake... brings back memories of nighttime kayaking off of Prince Rupert Island. Loved it! Whippoorwill as a lullaby... ahhhhhh, yes! And Doom's "darkness is not evil"... Yes and yes again!

Foam, I hope life's interesting, quirky ways are kind to you, and the intermittent winds blow you to beautiful places.

foam said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Karl. It's my pleasure to host .. :-) .. Well, sorta .. ;-)

Right! They are good, aren't they .. :-)

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