Friday, October 4, 2013

Must be due to ..

Female Middle age issues.. These sleepless nights are bringing out the beast within .. Beware.. She might be grumpy. :-)

On a good note, I did discover this artist. Where has she been my whole life?

Oh, not born for most of it. I know musical tastes are personal, but I really like what I've heard so far.


Laura Mvula - Dance to the Moon


In the meantime, over yonder Where Whispers Linger, Doom is hosting this upcoming Haiku Monday.

The theme is forgiveness. Go play if in the mood.

My offering to his theme so far ..


Ulcers eat away..

The laundry lists grow longer

Both sides need to chill..


And another..


Love needs acceptance

Love needs patience, forgiveness

Hot make up sex helps .. :-)





63mago said...

Interesting lady, Ms Mvula.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Wow she's good. Beautiful, well poised and you can understand every word she sings. Why aren't there more like her, in modern music.

Sleepless nights: Careful control of diet, Chamomile tea, versatile bedclothes, to switch from hot to cold quickly and massage prior to sleep.

Doom said...

Grumpy is a fine fashion, from time to time. And you have paired it perfectly with a lack of sleep and bodily anomalies. Oh, no tease. Just noting similarities and differences. I do hope you find rest soon though. Our inner baby has some things that it just won't tolerate going without. If only we could put it to work to allow us sleep sometimes. Ugh.

I enjoy your poem because it is the process as seen from an outside observer, something I hadn't contemplated. Even if it is a breakdown of the process, that is an option in the process. Quite nice, really.

foam said...

She seems to be. I don't know much about her yet. Musically I like her a lot.


I agree. I'm quite taken with her.
Your suggestions are excellent. I do have chamomile tea and if not that, then peppermint tea. I've enjoyed both since I was a child. I'll have the pinetop read your massage suggestion. :-)
Oh, oddly .. Not hot flashes .. knock on wood .. Now that I've said the word, they will probably start now.

I'm trying to sooth the beast by forcing it to sleep. Last night worked. Exhaustion won the night. Yeah, these divorces were kind of tough on us friends because we liked them both. It still is kind of tough. With such centention though, in the long run it is probably best they split.

Pink said...

hot makeup sex always helps

I have trouble sleeping too :(


dianne said...

Unfortunately the video would not work for me.
I found that some HRT was the answer for me, comfortable sleepwear and cotton sheets especially when the hot flushes arrived.
I like your Haikus dear Foamy, I never stress about laundry lists and hot makeup sex is a very distant memory. :(
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Hey there, Pink! You blast from the past. Not sleeping is ugh. Dianne and Karl have good suggestions though.

Oh, that's to bad. You should google her if you want. You might like the music. I agree, life is too short to worry about laundry lists.

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