Monday, September 30, 2013

Music on Monday..

(Haiku Monday is in the post below. Feel free to participate.)


My 16 year old son's composition. The performance was yesterday.

The talented young musicians only had one practice rehearsal session

before this performance. We were proud parents.



LX said...

Very nice.

Last week at the football game I sat next to the band, which is always fun. What a bunch of hard-working kids.

The game two weeks before was homecoming, so the band performed their halftime marching routine after the game to get in practice before contest. The football coach had the team sit in the stands to watch the band since they normally don't get to see the band's marching performance.

Doom said...

Quite nice, indeed. There may yet be hope for humanity.

I am not being kind, either. From my experience learning to play piano, I became extraordinarily focused on mistakes. Baroque is my thing, by the way. So, even now, when I hear good (classical) music, I listen with an ear to mistakes. What I learned, for myself, was that mistakes have to happen. A quarter note instead of a half, a finial being just a tad out, a missed note, a missed or extended break. The trick was to make it seamless. To my ears, I heard no mistakes.

You must be proud indeed.

Anonymous said...

Well done: Applause for composer and Orchester!
Ich find's einfach schön, dass ein junger Mensch heute hingeht und was komponiert!

foam said...

Thanks, lx! Was it a high school game! This son was in the marching band. I enjoyed going to the football games to watch the band play.

And thank you, Doom.
My son heard some mistakes, but then he is intimately familiar with it. You play piano? I still play piano too.

Thank you too! Ich finde es auch schön das er was componiert.

LX said...

Ja, hoch schule!

dianne said...

A beautiful composition dear Foamy, I love Chamber music with a Baroque sound to it. You have every reason to be proud and a wonderful performance from the orchestra!
xoxoxo ♡

Doom said...

As I said, there is no way to escape errors in such intricate music. I would assume he would have heard the errors. But for someone not familiar with the music the only way to hear the error is to have them... yield to it. Seamless, baby!

Well, I have performed, in a small show. But I don't have some gear I need currently. Yes, I play piano, and enjoy it immensely. Preferring baroque, to play, of course, as I mentioned.

foam said...

Thank you, Dianne! I've always been fond of the baroque sound myself. It's what played when in grad school working in the studio.

I have to say that I didn't hear errors either. We have an old slightly wobbly baby grand. Plays nice though. I enjoy it.

Carol said...

Well, after hearing this beautiful piece because of your FB post, I just had to come here and take a listen again. I heard no mistakes (but don't come to me for knowing music...) Anyway, aren't mistakes intentionally put into a piece? Oh, yeah... that's a woven rug story. Well, I think I think that story should apply to everything.

What grade is your son?

foam said...

Carol, my 16 year old son is a junior in a high school for the arts.

Doom said...

Carol... +1 on the woven rug theorem to life! I hereby grant you a doctorate in philosophy. :)


Quite jealous of the baby grand. Wobbly and all. I got to perform on just such a device and fell in love only to have my heart broken. I'm not even sure I could fit one here, but given the opportunity... I'd... figure something out. And better than a full grand, mostly because I don't have a mansion in which to fit it, but not totally. Baby grands are my version of Strats...

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