Monday, September 9, 2013

Haiku Monday ..

Cooler air heralds

Golden, red and orange leaves..

Bringing the crud.. Drat!


For anybody who's interested, frugal momma is hosting haiku Monday with the theme of ANTICIPATION.

Speaking of anticipation ...


Anticipation ... Work!

After lengthy stay at home

from a torn tendon..



dianne said...

That is a beautiful image dear Foamy. I guess when the leaves fall in such abundance they do make a mess though I love the coolness of Autumn and all of her beautiful colours.

Have a happy week!

xoxoxo ♡

Carol said...

Does the "crud" word come from your experience of the first few months of the school year where everyone passes around coughs and snot?


How be thy foot?

foam said...

The mess is pretty though. not so pretty is the crud mess that comes with fall in the form of seasonal allergies. I'm hoping to combat that this year..

Well, I suppose fall and being back in school comes hand in hand. I've often wondered if its the leaves or little snot noses. :-). btw, I start back up tomorrow. Can't drive yet though. My husband is driving me to work.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

In some of the places I work, after I scanned my access badge, I have to put my hand on a reader that identifies me is the person who scanned. Everyone who goes through the access point has to do the same thing. During cold and flu season this is a major vector. The sickness many get resulting from the scanner has been called "The Crud".

A few tips on avoiding it.

Never touch your face with your right hand (the one you shake with and put your hand on the scanner)

Always use hand sanitizer. I had a hard time with this one because it kills the good with the bad. But so far it works better than just washing.

At any opportunity, wash your hands with soap and water. And never pull open a door without a barrier between your skin and the handle.

And last, find a reason to excuse yourself from any meeting with someone you know to have "The Crud"

How you can do this in a classroom with young students, I'm not sure. Although a wish you the best that doing so.

Karl said...

By the way, I guess this was my way of empathizing with your haiku.

foam said...

All good tips for sure! Thank you for them. I needed the reminder. I am a big believer in soap and water, hand sanitizer when those are not available. Also coughing or sneezing into the crook of an arm.

Access badge and hand scan? Dang..
I only have to wear an id tag and go through lock down trainings.

foam said...

Oh and thanks for empathizing! :-)

dianne said...

Take it easy at work dear Foamy, hope your days will be OK, don't try to do too much. Good luck!
xoxoxo ♡

X. Dell said...

Hmm. My best to you going back to the grind. The injury sorta cheated you out of part of your summer, I know. But look on the bright side: the older you get, the faster time goes. June will be here before you know it.

Bobby said...

I think I would have to do a lot worse than tear a tendon to get out of my crummy desk job...maybe I'll tear a brain stem.

Anonymous said...



LX said...


How is the foot healing going?

becca said...

love the haiku hope the foot is healing well. new theme is up

foam said...

thanks .. And already submitted one at your site


Okay, i reckon.. I'm sore at the end of the day after being back at work.

Ja .. Arbeit ..

I would probably been back at work sooner if I had a desk job,
Hank you very much or reminding me of the quick passage of time, Old friend .. :-)

It's hard to take it easy when teaching .. :-).

Doom said...

My gumption was missing or I would have commented earlier, pardon. I did stop in and read often though, mind you... at least to my mind.

These are wonderful. The first one, a nice gentle lead into a solid right hook. Yum! The next? Oh, you have to know I know that one. Breaking from the tedium of being down, and getting to work again? That beats sex, and even the kill of the hunt! Oh, indeed, if you know it deeply enough. Double yum!

foam said...

Don't worry about it, Doom. You were exhausted from the trip. I was completely exhausted after working this past week and standing on my feet all day. I don't think being back at works beats sex though .. :-)

Doom said...

Hmm? Well, perhaps. But the intention to do work, from a certain standpoint... does. Or so I say in a desert of the mind where even some sorts of water would be better than all?

I've been chaste nearly a decade now. Perhaps I have forgotten, purposefully or not. *shark's grin*

foam said...

Your choice, man...

Doom said...

Oh, come. You have probably read of my difficulties. Even in my health, when doctors try to tell me that 'it' could kill me, and give me meds that kill the drive for most who take it, and with a vow to chastity until marriage... I have to do everything in my power to not... think about it, and fail miserably. What comes of that is one of the definite sins which I take to the confessional every time, not a week goes by in this regard. Ugh.

I am merely... trying to psychologically wash my hands of that particular dish in order to... maintain control. I've told Desert Cat that I could serve, in that way, three to six wives if that were still an option, without losing my breath. Yeah, okay, it's... good. I certainly couldn't work that often. :p

foam said...

But Doomster,
That is what I said .. Or thought I said in my few short words. I don't doubt your abilities or your opportunities, but it's your choice to be celibate.

Doom said...

Well, only my choice to obey a stricture in my faith. A faith I didn't just get taught, but one I found through hellacious soul searching, and had to drag myself into, initially. Since I am, obviously, not married...

Now, as to getting married? That is a whole different thing. That can't said to be a choice, even in the best of circumstances. Women simply aren't that available, or easy, to find. While I am up to being married, I am not quite up to finding a wife. So... Choice, but not, if I am to be faithful.

foam said...

I'm sure you will find the right mate eventually, Doom.

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