Saturday, September 28, 2013

Haiku Monday at Night ..

Moonless is the night..

The wind whispers sweet nothings

As I lay dreaming...


Our topic for this Haiku Monday is night or nocturnal.

Submit as many as you like by midnightish PST.

Invite your friends to play.

Have fun! ..







Doom said...

Not a theme about which YOU know much, eh? :) I can tell my kind. Just because I work to "do days", doesn't mean it's natural or even preferred, at all.

muted shades glisten
sound and shape blurred, cool falls
life for some starts - ends

to see in the night
is to see into the soul
darkness is not evil

a cat's eye, open
sense of being unseen, yum! -
cloaked in freedom

Feeling better on this end, will add another poem when I am up.

foam said...

I like the day and night. If I could get by with just 5 hours of sleep I would. Actually .... I do get by with only that much sleep a lot of times. Not good for me though.
I like your nighttime offerings,

foam said...

Oops, btw..

Doom said...

I am up! But I don't quite yet have new poems. I have to get a shower and head to town, it snuck up on me. Go figure. So I didn't get to a new poem in time.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Well done on your win. Hope your feeling better.

One to start.

High seas moonless night
Bioluminescent wake
Marks path less traveled

foam said...

I'd love to see that one of these days!

dianne said...

A beautiful and visual poem dear Foamy.
I hope you are feeling much better?
xoxoxo ♡

serendipitouswildmoments said...

Hi Foam, Congrats. While I can't compete to host, I can droop in to play for fun, now that I have my power back. I did not expect to he home today, but our first winter storm changed the plan by tearing down zillions of fully-leafed limbs, and dropping power lines everywhere. We hope to clear town tomorrow now that we have power and have dealt with the damage. So off to the woods.

Heavy snow blanket
First winter storm shears limbs, lines.
Night; dark as deep space.


Desert Cat said...

Long after the cats
Midnight cries awaken
Pre-dawn, voices still

Moon and Evenstar
Romance outside my window.
Deep night they part ways.

Whippoorwill, my love,
Your call my lullaby song.
Lost dreams I follow.

foam said...

Winter already? Wow! I hope the damage was not too drastic. Good hunting in the woods and thanks for participating!

I'm getting there .. Slowly but surely. Thanks for visiting!

Desert Cat!
Great haiku! It's nice to have a new voice amongst us. Thanks for playing!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Lovely. Think I go to bed now...

foam said...

I'm going to have to change my haiku..

Moonless was the night?
The wind whispered whatever
As I lay sleepless..


Sweet dreams, Cosmo.. Sleep well.

Doom said...

A few more from my studio.

the scent of quiet
dew and quickened flora growth
restful xor fervent

imaginings come
without conveyances of day-
a gift from our nature

Sleep is highly overrated? Urhm, just as much as the other highly overrated topic? I hope you get plenty of both, in their time. Something about the difference between breathless and airless? Never the who. :)

Carol said...

I love "The wind whispers sweet nothings" part (saw in your comments, though, that it started to whisper "whatever"). (Actually, the "whatever" part gives it quite the attitude.)

Either way, your haiku offers a nice visual.

foam said...

Oh cool! More Doom haiku!
I have yet to sleep Doom.. Being awake is a bit painful at this time .. :-)

Yeah that whatever was brought on by a completely sleepless night.

foam said...

Oh, and here is the demented, surreal offering of the pinetop swamp ..


Nocturnal movement
Dark urinal like cement
Knee ding pj's rent..

It's ok .. He said I could call him demented .. :-). I would not have it any other way.

Desert Cat said...

Pitch black, sound of scales
on pavement, slither slowly.
Terror! Scream chokes off...

Flight interrupted...
Panic! Fall like Icarus!
Bed sheets soaked in sweat.

Desert Cat said...

Goddess rises full,
Ethereal dance begins.
Footprints left behind.

becca said...

here are my entries visuals up tomorrow

cold night air chills
wind rush past howling with fear
Halloween begins

eyes watch carefully
hunter become prey in night
cold beauty fools all

LX said...

I hope you are feeling better now.

Doom said...

I hope you finally got some sleep, foam. I saw what you posted, at an early end to my day. I couldn't respond as my exhaustion resonated with what you were saying, mixed with memories of my own, and I couldn't go there. It's an odd sort of pain, and can be self perpetuating through no fault of our own. Becoming a zombie, though not for brains but for slee-ee-eep.

foam said...

Desert Cat,
Oh man.. Do I know similar dreams ..
Love the pagan 'Kurt offering..

Spooky! I like!

There are still some issues to resolve, but I'm getting there.

I slept like a log .. Who knows .. I probably snored too .. :-). It felt good to wake up rested. I hope you slept well.

grumpygranny said...

Hi, Foam, thanks for the invite. This one came out of what happened at my house the other night. No visual this time, just imagination.

Night's stillness shattered.
Beeps and tinny voice kill sleep.
Change the batteries!


Amanda Geering said...

Hello Foam hope you are well. And hello to all. Here we go:

Swallow Bugs Quickly
Flying Through The Dark Night Sky
Echos Guide My Flight

Hollow Darkness, See
Nothing Now But Bright Starlights
Safely Unseen Comfort

Hard to compete with all the fantastic writers so far!

Have a good day everyone!

foam said...

Ugh! That has exactly happened to me! I took a broom handle and knocked that beeping sucker off the ceiling.

Very nice!

Amanda Geering said...

Spank you very much Foam! I know this is probably frowned upon and way off topic but can I get you guys to check out my charity fund voting page? And get some votes? I need to make it to the finals to try and get a new youth centre built for my town.

foam said...

Spank me very much? Why Amanda! I had no idea ...

Karl said...

Hot dog, I wish I had time to get into this!

Meant to make it back
Sorry just ran out of time
Spank you very much

foam said...

Spank You very much too!
And you still have 5 hours and 45 minutes to submit more night haiku... with or without spanking.

See what you started Amanda?

Rafael said...

Congrats on your WIN, Foam. Your ability to touch people with prose is a beautiful thing.

For you, a couple bits of tid:

Lost in midnight's wake
Kizmet lovers sensuate
Copulating warmth

Shadows cast about
Snaring babes of innocence
Turning tricks for treats

Sorry...2nd is a bit dark:(

moi said...

It’s black out there and
cold. A lonely dog arr-oos.
Long night’s wait for dawn.

(Congrats proud mama!)

Desert Cat said...

*thwack!*AH! *thwack*AH! "More!
Please spank me more, Master Cat!"
Silent suspense, waits...

Desert Cat said...

Ok, that was a throwaway. Please don't hold it against me...;)

foam said...

Kewl more 'Ku!
I'm off to work but will be back this evening sometime.

foam said...

Ok .. On to the judging here .. Lez see..

Thank you moi!
Desert Cat, nah, it's all in good humor here ..

So, who will be our next host....

foam said...

And hey Rafa,
Nice haiku as usual..
Interesting visual for the dark disturbing second one. It's well written though.

Amanda Geering said...

Love to start the fun :) Great Haikus everyone!

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