Monday, August 26, 2013


You know......

If you are tired of your better half not listening to anything you comminicate,

get yourself an NSA boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Heck, perhaps you could have

all three at once. They will listen to anything and everything you have to say.

Isn't that right, boys and girls?... Sigh ...



My new boot ..

darthvaderish, gell?



Maybe if I get real good with the boot, I could get some big cans to stomp around in?



Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Three is the magic number.

63mago said...

Three feet?

Take it easy - why not start with a soap box and then work your way up to the 200 l vat? The thing looks a bit like it comes from the fetish departement, but at least you can pull it off and put it down.
How long this time?

foam said...

And a good evening to you.
Three, indeed, is a magical number although sometimes it's just a crowd too.

I could stand to have three feet right now.
I'm taking it easy alright. Right now I can barely stand to put weight on the foot. I'm using my crutches to help support some of the weight. But after that, it's on to the cans. :-). I have the boot for it and I have to build up a poor atrophied leg muscle..

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Say hi to the NSA for me.

Not impressed by the boot. Well, impressed but remotely so.

foam said...

I'm just viewing the boot as a lesser nuisance on my road to recovery from a torn Achilles' tendon.

NSA already knows you said hi.

LX said...

Ja, the NSA are very good listeners!

foam said...

Yes, and they even listen in on loved ones and exes.

X. Dell said...

Shows you how much of a stranger I've been. I was just backtracking through your archives that you not only wrecked your foot, but that you had to suffer through headaches and saws.

On the bright side: your casts were pretty.

And, at least you don't have to saw off a boot.

I'm lighting a candle, praying you're back to your old foamy self in no time.

foam said...,

Good to see you out and about again, Freund!
The nice thing about the boot is that I can take it off at times. I don't have to sleep in it either.
I do appreciate the lit candle sentiment .. :-)

Karl said...

"ones and exes" Good one!

They're just doing their jobs. Dedicated people, who believe in their mission. It's the ones who set the parameters of the mission, we have to worry about.

Have the Doc's given you any idea when you're going to start physical therapy?

foam said...

I'm supposed to stay in the boot for a month. The nurse practitioner said to write the alphabet in the air with my foot. it does make for a complete range of motion. I will not be having any physical therapy as of time.

dianne said...

Oh Foamy dear, it doesn't look very comfortable but I hope it will make you more mobile.
I hope you will be completely healed soon and free from all of these inhibiting contraptions.

Take care lil sweet pea!
xoxoxo ♡

Bobby said...

With my luck, my NSA girlfriend would fumble and make a database error and put me on some undesirable watchlist.

63mago said...

While you recover and write the alphabeth with your leg - here is an article (in German, surely English articles can be found) about Mr. Ottens, who "invented the MC" fifty years ago - because you mentioned Bandsalat. Ottens by the way was also involved with the CD.

foam said...

Dianne, the black boot is much more comfortable then the casts plus, I can take it off at night. I'm making progress. Today I was walking pretty well with the aid of my crutches.

That would also be my luck my NSA boyfriend, spouse and girlfriend.

Cool info! I never knew that the same guy invented the
Kassettenrekorder as well as the Compact Disc. T├╝ftler rule!

Aunty Belle said...

Darth Foam.


63mago said...

Are you writing a novel with your foot?

foam said...

No, but I do das Alphabet auf Deutsch... mit Umlaute ..

LX said...

Kein umlaute.

foam said...

Gasp! The horror!

andie said...

be safe and eat chocolate ^^

foam said...

Hey Andie,
Welcome to the foaming.
Eat chocolate? Okay.. can do ..

63mago said...

Foam, how are you doing? What about the hoppel?

foam said...

Still hoppeling around in the boot, Mago..
I'm doing much better though. Thanks for asking!

Doom said...

You'll have to have a little Boot Burn festivity. Have any paganesque rituals at hand? perhaps I could help otherwise, I seem to have... explored that topic a bit just recently. Up to you but it sounds delish.

I think you hit on something though. Doesn't even have to be NSA and mistakenly(?) being added to a watch list or three... ten. Are you sure you WANT your hubby to listen all that intently? I only ask from... experience. If it was just listen, you are right perhaps. But when men hear we are as likely as not to do one of two things... speak or act. Quite often women would prefer neither of those things. *impish grin*

foam said...

Good to see you back .. alive .. :-)

A ritual would b good .. Just not yet. The boot still is like my security blanket. I'm walking, but I can't imagine walking without it yet.

I wasn't specifically thinking about my husband when I wrote this post. Although, we are perhaps evenly matched when it comes to not listening to each other. Sometimes I'm in daydream land when he talks to me. It's worse when I'm reading .. :-)

Rafael said...


Fine tuned listening certainly makes for good communication, but where's the fun in THAT?!? Not only does half (to 1/4) attention span keep me on ma toesies, (I love a good puzzle, to keep my wits about me) but also makes for great make-up sex (YUMMY:D)

I sometimes even pretend not to listen, just to get his gander(?) up.

Glad to hear you're mini mobile, and working towards full speed ahead!!!


foam said...

Mini mobile.. thats good way o put it.
I think a lot of us live in our heads which makes it hard to always hear what the other is saying.
I'll have to keep make up sex in mind.

Anyway, this post was more about some
NSA agents listening in on loved ones.

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