Friday, August 16, 2013


Quietly I listen..

A bird twitters, crickets chirp..

My dog needs to pee.


Grumpy Granny

Is our host for this upcoming Haiku Monday.

Her prompt is 'quiet'.

Click on her link if interested!


No spouse, no offspring..

The house is peaceful and quiet.

Outside, tree frogs trill..



I listen, I feel ...

Nothing.. His room is silent.

He has spread his wings..





Can't Stop Watching said...

Oh, that is too cute! I can see it, you all zenned out in silence, listening and there's the puppy, oblivious. LOL

Thanks, Foam!


dianne said...

Aw, what a sweet little puppy, such beautiful eyes and expression.
xoxoxo ♡

Mynx said...

If it is not a pet, it is a child needing feeding or a lift to work.

Thank you for the smile

foam said...

Yes, my little pound puppy turned into a fine dog. She is cute. She's about 12 years old now.

True .. Except that since this weekend I find myself an empty nester..

foam said...

yes, indeed .. That's just about how that was .. :-)

Doom said...

Your first one just makes me laugh. I can almost picture him not wanting to bother you but... having a little problem that won't wait.

Now, being always in the condition of that latter, I can only imagine what it is like to want this. It is strange looking at the notion in a mirror where left is right, in this regard. Imagine a house only with sound if you make it. Urhm, it gets tiring trying to drum up the sounds of life solo!

foam said...

Since I've been less mobile I've found myself listening to a quiet house a lot. It can be nice. Sometimes it can be lonely. I like to open the windows and listen to what is outside.

grumpygranny said...

Foam, since I just inherited teenaged grandson, I find your last haiku very poignant. I just love all three of yours. You captured a trio of very different types of silence.

Great job!

foam said...


Yeah, it's kind poignant and sweet and a bit painful to watch your last child spread his wings .. But it's life. He'll be back. There are still the breaks from schooling. But it certainly is a new chapter in his and our life.

Carol said...

Oh, the last one...

Most of us have been on both sides - the excitement of spreading our wings and the proud/sad/happy/empty of letting our little birds go.

You expressed it very well.

foam said...

Thanks, yes..
I remember being so ready myself .. :-)

63mago said...

Silence is a luxury goods today. But it is never totally silent - this is only a special moment over the day, midday, when Pan schläft, a bit bedrohlich even; every time else there is always something to hear. Small sounds.

foam said...

We should all abandon the hunt and sleep midday. I think we used to ..

Doom said...

Siestas? Somedays... I like the way the Germans eat, or used to eat? Medium breakfast, big lunch, small dinner? Or, that's what I saw. It would go with midday naps as well.

foam said...

Yeah I was used to a meals like that when living in Germany. Dinner, das Abendbrot, was a lighter affair.
When I grew up many shops were closed between 12-2. The big stores were open. But that started to change. Last time I was in Germany I was not aware of any stores being closed urging those times.

foam said...

*urging .. during...

fishy said...

Your ku about spread wings tugged at my heart strings, such a huge milestone!

In my life, this was the very first time I ever discovered there was such a thing as too much quiet, too much stillness. Maybe it was because the horses went with her too?

foam said...

All the haiku I wrote were about his spreading his wings.
My 16 year old moved on Friday with the help of his dad. Initially I was going to go too .. but, you know... With the cast I just felt I would be in the way.

Doom said...

That last one got to me. Not for my part, I usually like the quiet, or noise, I'm good with things as they are. In mixed part for you and my own mother. She struggled to get me out, like a nestling that keeps trying to fly off sideways. *Squawk!* I can only imagine that when I was gone it really hit her. Right after the celebratory party she had to have thrown, albeit. :p

foam said...

I have yet to throw a celebratory party.. lol .. Perhaps when I'm not hobbling around anymore. Actually, he might come home this weekend. He's only an hour away.

Anyhoo.. Should you have children .. just wait. :-)

Doom said...

Anyhoo.. Should you have children .. just wait. :-)

Yes. Of course. *mother*

foam said...

Mother with a certain inflection, I assume .. :-)

Doom said...

Moist soitenly.

Bobby said...

You should throw a party at your house, it sounds like.

foam said...

Yes, moist soitenly!

Aunty Belle said...

aw...the last one tugs the heart. How is that fella doin'?

foam said...

He loved his first week! And he came back for the weekend .. :-). We took him and a friend of his to listen to the music I posted on .. Well, you know ..

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