Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just random silly schtuff ..

On Monday my foot was encased in a new cast which keeps the footsie at a right angle to the leg. I was nervous about getting my old cast off but the saw removal procedure was nerveracking only due to the noise. By that point I was into a week long headache so loud noises were not good. Sporting a spiffy new red cast I was hauled back home. At home I had a nice surprise .. A postcard from Scotland from my blogging buddy, lx! No, he doesn't live there. He's from Texas.. Thank you, xl!
Untitled by schauml
My postcard from lx..

Since I've been rather home bound lately, my house has turned into more of a dog and cat flophouse then it usually is. At least that holds true for any surface I find myself lounging on lately.
Neither pet is supposed to be on the bed.. Oh well.

I've not been getting out a whole lot, but when I do it's to really nice places.
In two weeks this cast comes off and I will be in a walking boot. I can't wait.

Oh, btw....
In case any bloggers are from Montana, Mothra has recently been sited there.
So, beware.. He's rather fluttery when excited.

ps.. Since a weeklong treatment of home remedies were not working for the headache, I went to the doc yesterday... sinus and ear inflammations.. Alas, it's being treated now.
pss.. Oh, do remember now .. Dancing may be harmful to your health .. :-)


Doom said...

That is one thing I love about the critter types. Whey you are down they don't mind spending their time being down with you. Yeah, I sometimes have a bed rule as well. It's hard to push away company though, when confined.

Chin up, you are almost done with the blasted things. I still am amazed at how terribly, and easily, you can hurt yourself. I just don't physically break even when... well... doing radically rough things, usually quite by accident mind you, though not always, or not fully. Something about gravity and roofs being slippery and not doing the math, for example. Women spook me that way.

foam said...

The critters have been good company.
I always thought of myself as fairly sturdy. I've never broken anything... It will be interesting in a couple of weeks to start building up this weekend leg. The only thing that's benefited from this ordeal are my upper arms... I suppose crutches and pushing around a wheel chair will do that for you.

LX said...

Looks like you're in good hands, er paws, for your recovery.

Maybe some schnapps would help!

fishy said...

I try to think of these "time outs" as a pause button to help us evaluate our priorities. I do okay for a while and then, as time and a million little inconveniences wear me down ... all I want is out of here!

Hope you are a great healer

foam said...

Actually, schnapps might be the ticket!

Im so outta here when the time is right .. I hope .. :-)

Aunty Belle said...


This be a iffin' ya git to that purty green place, send us yore own post card. An kudos to XL fer his cleverness.

Red cast, huh?

foam said...

That was nice of lx. I have a few other postcards from places he's visited. He sends them to many blogging pals.
I was at,that pretty green place just a couple of weeks ago. It's smack dab right in the middle of our temperate rainforest. However, I only got to sit on the porch.. But with a pretty view like that ....
Yup, red cast.. I was almost tempted to go black though.

Carol said...

Just getting back from Montana and here to report no sighting of Mothra. But then, Montana is a very big state...

I'm assuming that once you have the walking boot, no more crutches???

I hope your head is feeling better. There should be a law that only one of our ends can be unwell at a time.

Anonymous said...

Mittelohrentz├╝ndung? Gargl ... that's more than a bit of a headache. Pour the Schnabbes right into the ear!

foam said...

Eh Schnabbes ins Ohr? Gro├čartige Idee! :-)

foam said...

I'm assuming no crutches with the walking boots. At least I can take it off. And, yeah .. I agree with you on the rule.. :)

dianne said...

Lovely photos dear Foamy, its nice to have the company of pets when we are recovering from an injury.
I hope the cast will be off soon and you will be more mobile.
I had to Google your blog again as Dashboard doesn't show up any of your posts.
Take care lil sweet pea.
xoxoxo ♡

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