Monday, July 8, 2013

What I do at the beach..

when I can't quite get to the beach..

Play around with this app that I downloaded a while ago and really had not used


LX said...

Ocean, cat, art, Foam, hoecakes(?). A delightful day at the beach!

foam said...

Ach! I wasn't specific enough .. again..
I should have written. .

What I do at the beach when I can't get to the beach..
Play around with a movie app and upload photos to them. The noodies are a few years old, the other photos range from a couple of years to very recent... The most recent one being the photo that is above the video. That was taken yesterday.
The hoecakes are just some made from scratch not following a recipe pancakes that i made a couple of months ago.

Carol said...

Was that little snippet of record and music filmed moments before the achilles injury?

I hope you're still able to sniff the ocean smells and take in the sun.

Doom said...

I wonder if there are girl gnomes? Oh, right!

Hey, when you can't do anything else? Get into trouble! There is a good side to the bad side.

foam said...

No, that was several months ago. I was putting on the lp of kraftwerk's 'Farhen auf der Autobahn. I probably danced to that tune too .. :-). If I roll out to that deck in the above photo I can smell the ocean. The breeze has has been wonderful. I've stayed mostly in the shade but am still getting quite a tan.

But isn't that a boy gnome?
Get into trouble? Alright! I can do that .. and then blame everything on you.... 'But doom told me to'..!

Anonymous said...

Pfannkuchen gehen immer. But in this case I'd call it a Blaatz - at least according to this definition. Some call it Blechkuchen. There goes the last egg ...

foam said...

Actually, you are right,Herr Mago. I used different kinds of flour, corn meal, wheat germ and cooked them in a cast iron
skillet over a gas flame.
... and who used up all the syrup?

Doom said...

YOU are the gnome girl. Can't move much, plus with your picture show... *le sighe*

foam said...

Oh! well, like this then ..

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Did you put in the black and white for me? Given the option, I prefer it to the gnome.

Hope you're enjoying the beach, even if you can't get down and walk around on it.

foam said...

Good evening Karl,
The black and white? Suuure I put it in just for you....errhum...
However, when I searched for female gnomes online I came across some that were clothesless. Who knows, you might prefer those.
Yeah, the beach is beautiful. I find sitting to be a pain in the hiney though.

Anonymous said...

You are into garden gnomes Foam? Some are dominant I hear. Others simply had it coming.

foam said...

Herr Mago,
Not really. Growing up in Germany as a youth I thought they were way too bürgerlich. Of course now I wouldn't object to having one. The dominatrix gnome visa hoot! I did come across the knifed gnome while doing a gnome search. Doom, btw, started the gnome business over here.

fishy said...

Foam...I hope the beach week is good. Sounds like there are plenty of people around to visit with. My sibs and I had marathon monopoly games during our beachy summers ...Mom did not allow her very fair children out into the Florida sun between noon and 5 pm so we either argued or gamed.

When I am incapacitated in some way I like to go back and read the early blog posts of those I interact with now. The progress of EdificeRex building her house with her own two hands is a great read, as is the early days of Chickory with the first chicks and the first garden; some of Aunty's Southern classics are first rate.

Karl is going to love your video!

Good luck with the surgery.

foam said...

Your mother was smart. I used to do that when my children were younger too.
Im getting some visiting in. but since folks are at the beach i have plenty of alone time which i dont mind. Normally, im do all my walking alone anyway. so, Your idea is a good one. I've been blogging with the chick9 for 7 years to more .. Gosh, hard to believe. Just about that long with aunty too. I just might have to check out your blog :-)... and others with whom I'm less familiar.

Aunty Belle said...

Luv that video s thang, woohoo! Luv that.

The app is fun, the pancakes look yummy. But, are ya' stir crazy? Much pain? What is ETA fer two-legged àmbulation?

Even when ya ai't walk,the beach is beautiful.

foam said...

I'm stir crazy. The pain has not been on my ankle but my lower back, my derrière and mostly all on the left side.. You know, the side I herniated 3 years ago. I reckon I'll find out on Monday after surgery when eta is for walking.
I've been managing some time on deck. The view is lovely.

Rafael said...

I've sort of been away, but wishing you well from your surgery. Was it today? (don't have to answer that)

Sending prayers and, of course, miles of SMILES :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


P.S. I had a funny thought, but have deduced it best not to share. Just know, if you feel a jolt tickling at your ribs; it's from ME!

foam said...

Rafa ,
Yeah, I'd gathered you were away. I hope it was for fun purposes. You've decided not to share a funny thought? Uh oh ... lol.. I think I'm feeling a jolt.

Fleurdeleo said...

Hi, Foam! Haiku Monday theme is up. Fleur

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

LX said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

foam said...

Hallo Herr Mago und LX,
Thanks for,the luck and well wishes!

Carol said...

Keeping you in my thoughts as you prepare for, undergo, and recover from surgery. I hope they put you back together even better than new!

Big hug to you!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Wee prayers fer. Ya tomorrow...hugs and squeezes.

foam said...

Thank you, auntie!

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