Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Good night moon
Good night gray tree frogs
Good night rain
Good night one and all..


LX said...

Good night John-Boy!

Doom said...

Good night, Kilroy.

He was here, I know it. Might still be?

Rafael said...

Ciao, Gravitas:D

Loved your haiku, BTW....you're do'en it, AGAIN; aren't you?

Good times...again:D

foam said...

Good morning, LX
I've been awake for 2 hours .. sigh.

Maybe he is. I'll check under the bed. .. Nope just dust bunnies and a missing sock.

Yo, Rafael!
Nope,.. :-)
Anyways .. Good times to you too.

Doom said...

Your welcome for the sock. :p

foam said...

thank you then..

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