Friday, July 5, 2013

The chink in my armor .. Or what not to do on the 4th of July

You know those times when you are completely alone at home except for the cat and dog?

Yes? No? Well, no matter.

Surely, you know those times when you are just feeling a wee bit low?
Yes? Thought so...

Well, I was feeling a bit low these past few days which could be weather related. I am currently waterlogged and growing gills. Maybe it's just mold behind the ears though. Feeling restless, I thought to look up instructions on how to build an ark. If the rain keeps up, I should be able to fish in my front yard. If I could share the wealth of wetness with folks out west I would!
Anyway, I changed my mind. Deciding to listen to music, I popped in a cd.. Robbie Robertson to be specific. . I was starting to feel pretty darn good and danced and jumped and bounced all over the place. I never act like that in public .. mostly. It was working too! The blahs evaporated, I was feeling young and exuberant. However, just when I was into my very best leap and back kick I smacked my Achilles' tendon into the metal leg of our drum set stool. Well, that was it then for dancing, don'tcha know .. My achilles heal, indeed, was the chink in my armor. It brought me down.

Of course, my phone was in the car. Not being able to put weight on my foot, I hopped on one leg to get an ice pack. Hopping back to the couch, I laid down and raised my leg. After five minutes, it occurred to me that it might be hours before anybody came home. Hopping one legged again, I found my applepad on the bed, opened up that other social network, looked to see who was online and messaged a couple of friends. Each friend lives hours away from me but 15 minutes later the Pinetop was here. They had called him.

To make an already long story short.. I ruptured my Achilles' tendon. I'm currently wearing a boot and have crutches. Tomorrow I see an ortho saw bone. And on Saturday I'm going to the beach..I hope. Except I won't be walking for miles and miles and miles..

Oh, I think I'm starting to feel the effects of the prescription loopy drug I took. I hate taking them.

good feet in shoes I only wear every 3 years or so..
good feet in sneakers..
foam and oldest offspring years ago just for the heck of it.
Standing on good feet watching a George Clinton show.

One good foot, one bad foot..a few hours ago..

My 16 year old was flirting with me in the car to make me feel better.
It worked. He took this photo. He is a dear and good young man.

PS.. Loopy prescription drugs don't make me feel tired...sigh..

PPS: I had made plans to visit chickory towards the end of the month. I might not be able to.

What a drag.



on fire and entranced!

dancing into the night

When pow! .. Torn tendon..


LX said...

Dance like no one is watching!

Yikes! Take care. I hope you can make the Chickory visit.

foam said...

Exactly that kind of dance! :-)
I have an appointment with the orthopedist soon. I'm feeling kind of weenie.. But I will do everything he says in order to hopefully improve quickly.

grins said...

Believe me, I can relate. I'm sure yours won't take two years to recover. Make sure you have cable. Re-read my ER and Surgery articles to cheer you up and count your blessings. I am sooooo sorry this happened. Ultra bummer. I think my twenty year old would just look at me. Your son sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hello Foam. After seeing you at LX's site I finally had to take a look - only to find you injured!

Herrjeh, die Stiefelmode dieses Jahr ...
Good luck, recover fast.

foam said...

Yeah, I'll go check out those posts.. Just for grins you know .. ;-) and to keep things in perspective. It is a bummer though, I had planned on many more hiking excursions .. And some lengthy walks along the beach. A 20 year old, eh? I have an almost 22 year old and a 16 year old.

Herr Mago,
Ich weiß! Die Siefelmode ist schrecklick .. :-). Zur Zeit ist es nicht darth vadar schwarz sondern weiß. Es ist übrigens nett Sie hier zu sehen.

Karl said...

Afternoon Foam,

Gee whiz, I'm sorry to read this. I hope you're not into much pain. I don't do loopy pain drugs. After the reconstruction of my shoulder I took the suggestion of a pre-op nurse and used alternating doses of a 500 mg of ibuprofen and a 500 mg of aspirin on 4 hour intervals work very well. Without any narcotic side effect. Acetaminophen can be used as well. All the best to you for a speedy recovery. I agree with you, the white boot is much better than the black, particularly at this time the year.

foam said...

Hello karl!
Schtuff just happens.
Actually, I usually don't do loopy drugs. I did so last night since that is what they gave me and they did not want me to take the anti inflammatory drugs since I'm having surgery soon. I actually recovered from 2 c-sections on ibuprofen and Tylenol. The loopy drugs just make me jittery and keep me awake. Today it occurred to me to ask if Tylenol is okay. So now I'm taking those as needed.

Carol said...

Well, that was quite the adventure. From the sadz to dancing to pain to being alone and needing help to getting help pretty quickly (yay!) to a big ole boot. If I lived closer, I would offer to be your servant some of the time as you heal.

Sorry you got injured. And sorry you don't enjoy the prescription meds. I love them when I need them (which has been a few years), and then I have no interest after I am all healed (thank god).

I hope this event doesn't turn you off to dancing by yourself!

foam said...

Hey carol .. :-)
I tried the loopy drugs when I herniated my back twice in 2010. Lordy.. Talk about being in pain! I took them for two or 3 weeks and became so jittery and finally paranoid that I said screw it. I did ibuprofen every 8 hours after that.. Occasionally Tylenol... And a lot of physical exercise. I wish they would work for me, but they just don't.
I know you would come over. I'd do the same for you.

chickory said...

arrrrrggghhhh! the dreaded drum set stool! Foamy, so sorry. Mebbe I will come see you instead. I need a road trip. be well. xo

chickory said...

arrrrrggghhhh! the dreaded drum set stool! Foamy, so sorry. Mebbe I will come see you instead. I need a road trip. be well. xo

foam said...

You'd be welcome, chickory! We have killer places to hike here. Oh wait .. For me that's out. But you could go.
But we do have a couple of neat galleries .. And of course the scintillating company of the foams. :-)

Carol said...

You're a sweetie.

Yeah, jitters and paranoia are not fun. Glad you are able to take Tylenol instead.

Dharma sends puppy kisses.

Doom said...

I would lend you my miraculous type healing and pain resistance if I could. Didn't even need more than a few pills when "I" bruised, or worse, my ribs. Gah! Hate those pills, any pills really. Just when you were lifting the curtain... May I suggest you not quit enjoying life, if for no other reason than just to spite the thing?

By the bye, Roberstson ain't too shabby. Fine taste. A new one for me. Next time you don't have to go quite so far just to share a new artist, innit?

foam said...

Cute rambunctious puppy :-)
I'd rub her belly.

Well, thanks .. And I'd take it .. Sounds like you broke your ribs. Helping my mother after an injury like that, I know how
Painful that is! N. robbie robertson is a fine musician. He used to play in The Band. And next time I pop around to music you might not be familiar with, I'll watch my back kick.

Aunty Belle said...


SWEETPEA, what'cha done to yourself?? Lordy, have Mercy. Yore boy folks is the tops. See? Mebbe it's this need a rest from all the ugly stuff, so heah it is! Listen to music, paint, read, watch ole movies, sit on the porch.....git a tiara so folks will know who's queen bee, or, wait, jes, put glitter glue on that leg thang.

So sorry, Pumpkin.

foam said...

Aunty! Yes, they are good boy folks. I'm hearing the pinetop clank around in the kitchen. I do have a problem being a bee queen though. I'm used to doing for myself...and perhaps catering. You know how that is. I like the glitter glue idea though. And, alas, I have some .. :-)

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