Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just playing around with a free app..


and reposting a poem that I had forgotten I had written, but recently came across again.....

Give me water so very pure,
A grain, humble barley, demure.
Convert two row barley to malt.
Hops, in addition, is not a fault.
And, bless my foaming soul, not least,
Shall be the addition of yeast.

Water, barley, malt, hops and yeast;
Earth gifts from north, south, west and east;
Ingredients rather devine
That brew lagers and ales so fine.
From pilsners to dark stouts it's clear
Many come with good foam on beer.


LX said...

I hope the kitty got some tuna as payment for the role!

foam said...

She got to use me as a heating pad. :-)

Doom said...

How funny. I just sat down with a beer to read. Oh but you make the venture seem quite more than the simple thing I had initially thought it. Cheers!

foam said...

My son brews beer..the older one. He's had some amazing successes, but has also had a few bottles explode in his closet .. :-).

Doom said...

Oh, well, yeah. Now, if he can figure out how to make the splodey beer(tm), and maybe adjust the splodey part... that could be some awful good prankster fun. Uhrm... I wouldn't mention it to him unless you know you won't be a target, but being mom gives you... leverage, mostly. *grins*

I'd love to get into beer brewing, and if I live long enough I probably will. By the batch, quarterly batches to fill my larder, after some experimenting to find just a few recipes I really like... honey wheat, a solid pilsner, lambic perhaps, maybe a few others... triple brews if I could figure that out. Yum.

Doom said...

Oh, and splodey beer(tm). :)

foam said...

Splodey beer! Why that just might be a good name for a brew. I looked into brewing beer at one time, but too much life in the form of small kids,elderly parent, work, yadayada, etc...interfered. Perhaps with an empty nest looming in my near future iwilltry my and again. If we do both get into it,we can exchange solider beer stories .. :-)

Aunty Belle said...

Ya sound thirsty!

Doom said...

Congratulations on the win. Sorry for not playing nice, just couldn't. At least I wrote something. Just hoping Raf doesn't take it personal.

foam said...

Aunty, well it's been since before the 4th since I had anything boozy. Somehow a leg in a cast and drinking don't seem to be a good combination. I'm too much of a lightweight. So, sensible foam wins out.

Doom, honey chile' (stolen from aunty)! Now why would he take it personal? He's a big boy.

Doom said...
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Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Congratulations on a well deserved win!

If a brew would make you happy
You could have one or two
The thing you must remember
Is that it medicates you
So stay away from other meds
Forget them one and all
Less it makes you bleary eyed
and causes another fall

You may want to skip forward passed minute 5.

foam said...

Karl! I'm impressed and humored and delighted. :-)
Nah, I would never mix certain meds and alcohol. Actually, I haven't had anything since the injury. I don't want to be a tipsy tumbling fool. Having been a dancing fool is enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Foam, hope the injured paw is improving.

This one I just have to throw in.

Slender. Elegant.
Flamboyant paired performance!
Sandhill nuptials.

Visual is up at Serendipity.

Perhaps I'll be back later with another tune.

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