Friday, July 26, 2013

I haiku you .. on Monday..


Okey dokee .. Here we are .. again.

The Charming Mischievous Rafa has tossed the 'Ku ball my way which ended up bouncing off my forehead and landing at my feet. That's what happens when you are blindsided. After rubbing my forehead for a bit, I picked up that ball and am ready to play.

So are y'all up for more Haiku Monday fun?

The rules are as follows. Most of you know the drill..

3-short lines
1-season word (kigo) .. if it works ..
1-cutting word (kireji)
no rhyme
17 syllables, 5-7-5

Submit as many as you want. Don't worry about choosing which 2 to submit. Please, feel free to submit photos and or video along with your haiku. It's not a requirement though. Remember, the theme can be implied. The actual word does not have to be used.

The deadline is midnight on Monday, pacific standard time or whenever I wake up on Tuesday.

For those of you who feel inspired to submit a haiku but don't want to otherwise play, just let me know and I will exclude it from judging.

Oh, and, yes, the theme..

The theme is Dance! :-) Animals can dance. The wind can make the flowers dance. Unfortunately, I can pretend to be able to dance. Like many young ladies, I did have years of ballet and it was common in Germany at the time to attend the Tanzschule to learn ballroom dancing. I took all the classes they offered. So, as you see, everybody can shake it up.




Beware, though ... dancing could be harmful to your health .. Grump ..


It may reduce you to teach yourself how to crochet granny squares while a cat tries to snag your yarn.




I mentioned this theme to the pinetop swamp and here is his contribution ..

Here's to you foam Di

You high cooing la-dy-hoo.

I haiku you, dear.



So, on this note, haiku your hearts out at your own risk and ...




(Thanks lx for the link!)




Doom said...

The first is for our hostess. If you can't dance for now, dance in the mind. I do when otherwise down and think of it. *jig-a-jig-jig* Well, it's not a serious one, perhaps. I'll think more. Been up all day and night.

Down but Not Out

I can't lift a leg.
Won't discuss the particulars.-
Of mind, my legs jiggle.

diana said...

That's sweet. Thanks, Doom.
Sounds like you need to get some rest ..
g'night? :-)

LX said...

[not an entry]


eins. zwei. drei. walzer.
schöne tanzen mädchen foam.
eins. zwei. zauber zeit.

foam said...

awww, lx
Ein Haiku auf Deutsch! Sehr schön gemacht. . :-)
Es gefällt mir sehr.
and the link .. zu goldig ..

x x x

Jenny said...

You had me at "Dance." I'll see you Monday. :-)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

A topic you can tap your toes to.

Fledgling Osprey chick

Bobble headed shuffling
Soon dancing in sky

The video isn't mine. Credit goes to Liveefin.

Carol said...

I posted at my place - but not for judging, just as a tribute to you. xo

Aunty Belle said...

Ohhhhh, yes. Perfect, uh, purrfect?

And before your youthful dance recitals, folks always would say, "break a laig" right? But ya never did? Til now. Oh my.

Will come a toe-tappin' afore the daidline.

Rafael said...

Hey, Foam!

Here's a bit of silliness off the top...

Booty say'n, "WHAAAT!?!"
Swing it, sway it; rhythmical
Party's in ma' pants

Love the theme! I'll be back:D

grins said...

I went to a manager once and told him I couldn't work because my feet hurt. I had purposefully put my shoes on the wrong feet and pointed to them. He said my shoes were on backwards. Grinning I said "It was the worst case of restless leg syndrome my doctor had ever seen." He almost fell off his chair laughing.
No dancing for me this week. Sorry. Can't think of anything except something about going to bathroom

foam said...

Serendipity accidentally stuck her haiku in the comment section of the post below..
So I'm copying it here.

Hi Foam, hope the injured paw is improving.

This one I just have to throw in.

Slender. Elegant.
Flamboyant paired performance!
Sandhill nuptials.

Visual is up at Serendipity.

Perhaps I'll be back later with another tune.

foam said...

I'll be ack to comment. I have company.

Doom said...

I'm looking. Just can't seem to... find the groove. Still, here are a couple of my efforts, and I am up.

Move da Boom

Wiggle the way over.
Hip check, waggle, nod and duck.
Sweetpea! ~ I love you.

One Chance Over and Over?

Box step, then ball change,
cross body lead, dos-a-dos.
Make flourishes count.

Enjoyed the German one. I even understood it. Don't try talking to me in it, or getting too complex though.

Mynx said...

Congratulations on the win and the great theme. Not sure I will e taking part but I shall certainly enjoy seeing what others put up

Doom said...

One last one. I'm not getting it this time, but it's fun to be back in the mood in any case.

As With Many Things, Your Choice

share glory or not
step together- dominate
selfish or loving

Anonymous said...

Good theme Foam - takes my mind to different photos to share. Visual up with another post at Serendipity.

Twigs in spring-ice skirts
rock their hems amidst riffles.
Chill nights still hold sway.

foam said...

Ah no, doom, you got it in your own doomster way.
'Wiggle your way' with its playful hip check interaction between a couple cracks me.
I loved the others too.

Welcome to the foaming! I'd be tickled to have you participate if you feel inspired.

I just absolutely loved the photo that went with your haiku!
Folks, you gotta check out that photo.

Since I'm in this for the grins and giggles you have succeeded with your contribution. You made me grin.

Bwahaha. :-)
I bet the party is in your pants.
You and the doomster crack me up now.

Goody! Looking forward to it.
No, they didn't actually say break a leg since most of my dance recitals were in Germany. I can't remember hat folks said now .. hmmm..

That was truly a lovely beautiful haiku. Thank you!

Loved the osprey video!
Bobble headed shuffling .. What a great line.


foam said...

Just noticed your new contribution!
I'll be over to visit soon!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Nice turnout, good work folks.

Young man light on feet
Soon achieves ultimate goal
Horizontal bop

foam said...

Ha! Good one, Karl...
I did have to google horizontal bop .. :-)
I'm remarkably clueless sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I lost you guys for a while, but this theme, I love. I'll have mine up by tomorrow.

Cheers to all fellow haiku-ers!


foam said...

Welcome to the foaming.
Yes, it's been awhile since I've seen you out and about with our fellow haikuers. I'm so glad that you will be joining us.

Karl said...

One more:

Fred, danced with grace.
Style so many love to see.
Ginger...heels, backward.

foam said...

Hello Karl,
Fred and Ginger - perfection in dance. I love their movies.

Anonymous said...

Wow Foam, you must have found this one just as I posted it to comment so quickly!

Dancing destruction;
Flames whirl and race, leaping high.
Summer’s smoky drought.

Thanks for rescuing my first. The lag on my connection must have made me think the cat vid was part of the Haiku post.

You are getting a great turnout. Karl, like me must have had a little time off this weekend [and is obviously in a *playful* mood ;-)].


foam said...

Actually, serendipity, I was going to visit your 1st two contributions again when I saw your new one. Is that called serendipity? :-)
I've been having nothing but time off. I would have had it off anyway, but usually I'm more out and about. This week, for example, I had planned on visiting chickory.
Yes, Karl is playful at times. :-). I don't mind at all. I enjoy harmless banter.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am up at my place:

Music caresses,
Sensuous curves swerve and sway
Ample flesh beguiles.

foam said...

Oh, wow, granny! This is beautifully sultry and sexy. . :-)

becca said...

here are my two visuals will be up tomorrow

tangled limbs entwined sway
moonlight masquerade

secrets whispered in the wind
flowers dance wild free

foam said...

Nice becca! I especially like .. Tangled limbs entwined.
I'll be by tomorrow.

Aunty Belle said...

Uncle likes Karl's first run.

Aunty Belle said...

Aunty likes Serendipity's ya reckon that means me an' Uncle doan dance well together?

Rafael said...

Hey, Foam...I'm ba'ak!

Here's another for the pile:

Flirting with a dream
Crickets chirp as fireflies waltz
Dandelions twirl

Links are safe, if you'd like to take a gander...

Great turnout, btw! Looks like Karl and Serendipity are trading punches!...NICE!!!


foam said...

Yup, I liked Karl's bobble headed shuffling
And liked serendipity's twigs too ..
I also liked all the other 'ku's ..
Judging will be hard.

Rafael said...

OH, BTW, I loved how Granny threw her grumpers to the wind, as the music beguiled her saucy self all nekkid and such...

Me-YUMMY! ( really, I am:D)

foam said...

Great showing at your place!
And yeppers, I got a kick outta visiting granny too.

Fleurdeleo said...

Fantastic showing! I like Becca's "limbs entwined" too as well as Granny's "ample flesh beguiles". And it seems to me like Rafa takes his party with him whatever he's clad in!

Here's mine, and I'm up:

Swooping sleight of hand.
Lush charade mesmerizes;
plume insouciance.

foam said...

Only you would think to use insouciance.. :-)
I love it!

Anonymous said...

I learned something watching Karl’s osprey. I have often wondered how young osprey/hawk/owl/eagle fledglings manage not to take off unintentionally, with their big sail-like wings, before their strength and skill with wings is up to it. This young osprey showed me. Now I know. After he scared himself lifting off in the middle of the next a couple times, the little fellow grabbed a talon full of nest twigs and hung on while he pumped away. Safely anchored, he could flap strongly, yet not take flight. That makes perfect sense. That way they don’t have to take a maiden voyage until they are actually ready for the sky dance.

I’ll bet Karl gets to see that frequently, considering his affinity for the ocean environment.

Thanks Karl.

Ha, Fleur is using a counterpoint to Karl's bobblehead! Insouciance!

Anonymous said...

Rafa, you crack me up!


Aunty Belle said...

Green light summer eve
To the music of crickets
Danced on Daddy's shoes

foam said...

That's right! I went back and watched the video. I had noticed that but not in the conscious way that you did, it never occurred to me to question how they keep themselves from launching off.

Aww, Auty..
Touchingly sweet haiku memory..

foam said...

And, I reckon it's closing time here

I'm ready to pass on the haiku party to another host.

Aunty Belle said...

Nearly din't
show up fer yore party....eeeek! Long day, fell asleep, but stirred in wee hours of morn, wif' Foamy on mah mind. If fin' it's too late, eliminate it....I unnerstan.

foam said...

Aww, aunty. You woke up to still participate? That's so nice.. and sweet. Of course you are not too late. You squeaked in before midnight PST and way before my getting up in the morning time .. :-).

Karl said...

Serendipity: Your welcome, although the video isn't mine. I have witnessed the behavior often. The nest that inspired the haiku has 3 chicks. Very rare for Osprey. Usually it's 2. The nest is on top of a small pole crane, basically a big pipe standing on end with a little boom on top, it's about 25 feet tall. The nest is on top of it. When we leave or come into dock, the osprey would get quite excited. The 3 soon to be fledglings, would start this shuffle.(in unison) Their heads would go up down, up down, side to side, side to side, then up down up down again, it was an absolute hoot to watch. Unfortunately I couldn't take any video because of the location. All 3 now fly regularly and will be gone from the nest soon.

Not all fledglings do as well holding on to the nest. Two weeks ago we found a fledgling Bald Eagle near the same location on the ground. Very tired, disheveled. There was no physical damage, the bird was simply worn out from trying to learn to fly. The bird spent 24 hours being fed and rested and last I heard was flying around happy and healthy.

foam said...

Thanks for further elaboration on the nest, Karl! It's very interesting.

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