Monday, July 15, 2013

Haiku Monday - Road

Sojourning at the beach ..

A good bit of my time was spent like this though..

Fleur is our host for this Haiku Monday. Her prompt is 'road'. If interested go on over and play!

On our way home...

Flat terrain wisps by..
Summer's sojourn ends.
With propped foot and aching joints

Almost home!


LX said...

Phantastic photos Phoam!

foam said...

Thanks, lx! :-)

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation trip photos. It looks like, for you, your trip needed to be very much centered on your leg.

I am sending your surgeon good vibes for doing a perfect job. And a big hug to you. Are you going under general anesthesia or local? I used to be kind of nervous about general, but now I think that it's a magical thing that I can take a breath in one room and when I take the next breath, I'm in a different room.

You will do well. Let the healing begin!

foam said...

Carol, general anesthesia. I've done both local and general anesthesia. Both were appropriate for the procedures I had at he time. I'll certainly be glad when this is over. I've been fasting since midnight .. No food or drink.. NO COFFEE .. Argh .. :-)

Carol said...


I've never had coffee, but I've heard that wars could be battled over NO COFFEE!

I hope they give you a coffee i.v. after the surgery is over. You will have earned it.

foam said...

You've never had coffee? Wow .. lol ..
I don't drink a lot of coffee, but I'm rather fond of my one cup of black coffee in the morning. After a colonoscopy, that is the first thing I asked for when I came out of anesthesia.. :-)

LX said...

I don't drink coffee either.

However, I do love the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans, especially the rich earthy Kona!

foam said...

Gasp! You are not a coffee drinker either? What kind of peepulz am I blogging with here? ;-)

LX said...

Coca-Cola or Dr Pepper, bitte!

foam said...

I rarely do sodas, but if I do, my poison of choice is a dr pepper. I'd gladly have one of those now..

fishy said...

I'm hanging with the wrong crowd.
I do not drink coffee or sodas.
I do however, like your haiku.
"Sojourn" is such a good word.

Blessing on your surgeon,
may he be having the best day of life :-)

Rafael said...

Cheers to tying your road trip into a haiku! Sojourn sounds so tryst like and sexy. Yet somehow with the bum leg, not sure how much trysting was go'en on:( Oh, well, plenty of time for trysting when you're up and runn'n again.

Prayers for you and am hoping you well on your road to recovery!


P.S. I don't touch coffee or soda... but I does enjoy a good cuppa Joe (meow:D)

foam said...

Fishy look! You have a fellow no coffee/soda mate in Rafael! Thanks for the blessings, sweetie. My surgeon seemed to have had a good day. Now if stitches could just 'heel' .. :-) .. painlessly.

LX said...

Take care, young lady!

foam said...

'Trysting' gently with creativity and with caution releases endorphins ..
Just saying..

foam said...

Will do, lx!

Karl said...

Good morning Foam,

Nice Haiku. Glad to read your surgery went well. May your pain be minimal.

Drinks: Coffee (black), water and ale (red or black).

diana said...

And a good morning to you Karl,
Finally a fellow coffee drinker.. black too! And similar tastes in beer!
Surgery went well. Pain was initially intense, but the pinetop swamp is making sure I stay medicated. I hope it all heals as it should.

diana said...

Oops.. It's me.

Fleurdeleo said...

I love the real life images! I hope your foot is better. They say that suffering inspires art...but I feel the wistfulness in your haiku and the ending of your summer sojourn.

foam said...

Thanks! The foot will get better. It's just day 1 still after the surgery. As far as art goes? I've felt completely uninspired.

Doom said...

You take your visuals too far. Here and I thought you just got carried away with excitement regarding music to share. Nooooo... you did double duty. Must have known what the next contest would entail and wanted to go fully monty on the visual plus thing. Lame.

(pun intended, and just teasing... mostly)

foam said...

My first comment on fleur's post mentioned that I laughed when I read her prompt. Well, you see.. It was funny because I was in the car propped up with the road wisping by when I read her prompt on my phone. So, I started taking road photos with my cell phone.
Yeah, the other photo is self indulgent , but then my usual subject matter, the ocean, my sons, nieces and nephews were not available, so I photographed my footsies instead. I was trying to manage pain during that trip and laying with a raised leg was the most comfortable position for me.

Aunty Belle said...

Gracious chile!!!

Be sure the Bon Bon stash is sufficient, listen to some music and read a great stack of books...or, WRITE a book!!!

Hope yore mending spell woan last too long.

foam said...

Aunty belle..
It's cookies with fiber and flax.. Can you imagine?

Oh dear me .. Didn't mean to sound so serious in my answer to you last night..

Carol said...

Hi Foam,

Just checking in to see how the post-surgery is going. I've been thinking of you lots. I hope you are being well taken care of.


foam said...

Carol! Thanks for asking.. xoxo ..
Post surgery is what it is.. Can we say cabin fever? but anyway, I'm being taken care of. A dear girlfriend came by and helped me organize my son's room into a my space room. My oldest had already done a lot by moving a lot of things downstairs.

Carol said...

Sorry about the cabin fever... I guess having cabin fever means that you feel good enough to notice it, eh? When I was recovering from my gut surgery, I didn't care - or notice - where I was. Don't know which way is better... When will they tell you to feel free to roam about the cabin?

foam said...

I was out of it for a couple of days. I slept a lot, I know that. Yesterday it occurredto me that it had been 2 weeks since decent mobility. I started to go stir crazy. I had 2 c sections. Recovering from gut surgery is not a walk in the park.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the new picture - it looks a bit as if you'd stick your foot into the rotor blades - you are fed up with it, hm? Take care when you hoppel around, there's just one foot left!

foam said...

:-). Yup, it's an .. I'm fed up and bored with it up side down photo of my new splint after surgery. I was a bit looped out on the pain meds, I think.

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