Wednesday, July 3, 2013


stealthily he came -
the thief who scaled two stories.
fingerprints? not found..

For their prompt Haiku Heights is using the word fingerprints. I do declare .. :-) .. They use the most interesting prompts. Before I decided to participate, I visited several participating bloggers to see how they had interpreted the theme. (Sorry, folks, for not commenting yet) I found lovely haiku ranging from the profound, to the religious, to the whimsical.

In a million years, I would not have thought to use the theme this way. When I think fingerprints, I think forensic science. For you see, I've been fingerprinted before. And not because I did anything wrong, but because a burglar had broken into our home when I was an 18 or 19 year old lass. In order to find the right fingerprints, they needed to eliminate my prints and those of my family. Alas, we had so many different fingerprints in the house that his could not be distinguished.

None of the fingerprints found were on file. However.. I've often wondered if they kept mine?

Oh, btw.. I encountered the burglar. It was not pleasant. I still flinch when somebody inadvertently points a sharp object at me.


Anonymous said...

What an experience. Your haiku says it all

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is scary, the haiku is fantastic

foam said...

Yes, it certainly was. I don't really think about it very much. It was so long ago.

The Write Girl said...

What a harrowing tale! I also thought of fingerprint in the criminal sense. Nice haiku.

foam said...

Thank you!

Nanka said...

Scary to face someone with a sharp object!! The thieves here scale even eight and ten storey buildings!! They really are a daring lot!! Keep safe!!

foam said...

Hello, Nanka! Thanks for visiting. They are a daring lot. This incident took place I while I was still living in Germany, btw.

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