Wednesday, July 31, 2013

excitement in the foam household..

Somebody gave us books today .. lots of books ..
It was almost like Christmas on this last day of July.
My sons had huge grins on their faces.
So, did I, so did the pinetop swamp..
Our dog couldn't care less..
(btw, this is the evil drum set that is to blame for my current foot malaise)

Don't ask if we are going to read all of these.
We won't ..
What's not read will eventually be traded for what we do want to read.


MacLX said...

[cue Jaws music]

Book feeding frenzy!

foam said...

Just about! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dangerous stuff. Take care. Graf Fahrenheit is watching you.

Karl said...

Funny thing about some animals, as long as they're fed and warm. they could care less about learning a thing. It's the ones that desire to think, achieve and excel, that feast on such a bounty.

foam said...

Herr Mago,
Yah, I know .. . I might have to invoke my Erkannmichmal rights ..

No telling what a dog learns through his nose though. I like choices.. Sometimes I like to be as the dawg.. the sleeping part, not the sniffing out feces part. And sometimes I like to set the noggin' in motion. :-)

Doom said...

Did Aunty spring a literary leak? I thought it was she who had offered an ark of reading to any in want?

foam said...

Nope, Doom.. This was a local leak..

Doom said...

Congrats in any case. Wish I still had it in me to read. Used to love to do it. Enjoy for me, perhaps.

foam said...

I usually do a ton of reading during the summer. Since I've had this injury, I've not felt like it at all..

Doom said...

You know, come to think of it, that might be my problem. Don't need to escape the drudgery you can't do? Odd with things... how they work, or potentially.

foam said...

You justice might be right about that, Doom.

Rafael said...

I once read a book; been lost ever since...

Neat photos, btw, I especially like the second one down with just a hint of your little toesies stick'n out from the bottom right:D

foam said...

Thanks! Those ole tosies, especially the ones peaking out from the cast seem a separate entity now.

I continue to stay lost myself, btw..

Carol said...

Are you able to read only one book at at time? I would find a book deluge like this to be very dangerous, as I would have to be reading too many books all at once.

With all of your books, you could start a Little Free Library. A neighbor has one - it's so cute!

foam said...

Unfortunately, the books all have a faint whif of smoke and perfume about them. I can't handle that. There was a nice copy of Arabian Nightsni wanted to read.
With books like this though, I'm more of a 'read bits of several books' at one time though.

Mynx said...

How wonderful to receive such a gift. I love second hand books, and it is wonderful that your sons were excited as well

foam said...

I agree! Interesting 2nd hand books are great!

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