Saturday, July 6, 2013


I am currently stalking blogging and fb buddies because I have nothing better to do, plus
laying  flat on the bed with my leg propped up because I've had enough of hobbling around..
Grins said my hands would develop callouses.  He is right.
I did take some old koozies, cut them up and size them to fit around the clutch handles.

It's the annual hanging out with in laws, nieces and nephews weeklong beech vacation.
Yep, I'm going.
Doc said I could.
Surgery is scheduled for the following Monday.
There will be little to no Internet connection which I normally don't mind at all.
I spend most of the time walking for miles along the beach, especially during low tide.
This year my 22 year old collected my scattered art supplies. I don't know what he's found yet, but I will see when I get down there.  (Nope, he's not found any.. Argh ... I know where they are)
I do have books and will spend a lot of time on the deck and doodle with pen and pencil...

... after I manage to figure out how to get up those flight of stairs .. Hmmm.. scooting up with my hiney, I think...
Hands, good leg, hiney x 16. Yup.. That should do it.

Well, and here we go!
Ps .. Art supplies were found, yay!


LX said...

Whilst reading about the missing/incomplete art supplies, I thought up a new TV show! Iron Artist! The contestants make art from a mystery box of supplies! Sorry.

Have an artsy weekend at the beach.

foam said...

I can do that easily .. I've used ash in artwork before.. :-)
It's charcoal, ya know? That's not guaranteed that anything will be worth looking at though.
We are off in about 5 minutes here.

Carol said...

You have probably already left for the beach and will be soon exercising new muscles as you scoot up the stairs. I am looking forward to posts showing the prolific amount of art that you create while there.

I'm glad that you're going, and I hope that your family waits on you as though you are royalty.

foam said...

Carol. I'm propped up in the car. We will see what art happens at the beach. I forgot I can use my cell phone. :)

Doom said...

Hrmmm... now you know what it's like. That's why I am prolific. Not in a foot boot, in a body boot. Patience and enjoy what you can. But when you have the drive but the car doesn't go, honk the horn? Let Pine Top be the driver for a while. :)

*beep beep 'n beep beep, yeah!*

foam said...

Doom, really? Dear me .. but you are ambulatory, right? Actually, 3 years I herniated my back in a couple of places. If I remember,I spent a lot of time popping inand out of blogs too. I could only lay or stand at te time .. :-)
The pinetop was sick at te time too. We had to rely on our then 13 year old.

foam said...

Oh, thanks for the Beatles tune. :-)

Doom said...

It's not a literal body boot, it's severe fatigue. It's beyond me to even try to explain it. Comes and goes, and it's here now. Many people in my condition receive palliative care, actually. It went undiagnosed for 21 years, we are giving medicines a shot. After 2-3 years though, with a 6% improvement, I'm still considered end stage congestive heart failure.

I'm actually a bit of a miracle. I told one doc I thought he looked like a football player. In a grim way, giving me an unbelieving look, he said he thought the same for me. And I can live on my own, if it looks more like a bachelor pad than it would if I were healthier. :p

Somehow I thought you might like that.

Aunty Belle said...

The beach? Lovely.npaint and sketch away...what did you take to read?

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Lots of luck with your surgery!

Madeleine Begun Kane

foam said...

I brought Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. Tulpenfieber by Deborag Moggach. A Wrinkle in Time by L'Engle. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. Oh, and something appalachy and mountainy fiction ., can't remember the title wnd in not getting up to look .. :-)

foam said...

I might not get around to any of them.

foam said...


Anonymous said...

This actual Monday?

Good luck!

foam said...

Not today, Herr Mago .. Next Monday. I'm at the beach right now. :-)

Memphis Steve said...

Art supplies sounds fun. Going to the beach when you're laid up and can't enjoy the sand and waves sounds a bit torturous, though.

foam said...

Hallo Memphis Steve!
Just being in this splint is kind of torturous right now. It would not matter where it was. Welcome to the foaming!

grins said...

Those crutches will also cut down on nair if you use it on your armpits.

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