Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well, you know .. nobody is perfect the first time when it comes to little things...*

1. First I smacked it good..
Then I squeezed it with both hands.
It rose! ..Then swooshed off .. •_•

2. I smacked it again..
Firm hands embraced it. It rose...
Then a wobbled flop.. •`•`

.....Several days later..

3. My caressing hands
embraced the smooth silkiness
of my first clay pot.

*...or learning how to throw a pot on the wheel.

ps: Yes, I did have a ball of clay swoosh off the wheel after I smacked
it down and then tried to center it.
foam coil pot
(I'm not an active potter.
It's something I enjoy doing at times though.)

Doom, over yonder somewhere, is our host for this Monday's Haiku party. Check his site out and join in the fun!


LX said...

Eric "Otter" Stratton: Sophomore dies in kiln explosion? Oh My God! I just talked to her last week... She was going to make a pot for me.

Animal House

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

More than 3 references to pot. References to BSDM, talk about Doom and an exploding head. DHS via, NSA may be banging at your door, soon. The food for thought and have a good weekend;)

foam said...

Hahaha.. I just got through reading these haiku to my husband, pinetop swamp, when your comment showed up.
Actually, he witnessed that ball of clay swooshing off the wheel. It landed at his feet. :-). Man, was that a looong time ago. I also read him the comments .. yours too, he laughed .. but, yes, the NSA snooping on people has not been a surprise for us at all.

Oh, btw, here is a link showing an instructor centering clay and using the terms smacking and squeezing..

Doom said...

I was almost sure I commented?

Oh, but I'll happily make sure one goes up. I truly enjoy your set of haiku. That is just cool to make it a three piece set!

You crazy kids keep coming up with new (to me anyway) and inventive forms of this art. Keep it up.

foam said...

Doom, that happens to me all the time. I suppose I might be cheating. I'm not sure if haiku are supposed to come in sets, but as you said .. We are inventive with the form if it suits our needs.

foam said...

I had a comment for you with a link to a video with an exploded clay head. However, she made it private. the video was about a lady who had spent a long time sculpting a head. It took forever to dry. During the firing process the head exploded in the kiln.
Anyway, what a pick up line in animal house, eh?

Doom said...

If it isn't expressly prohibited, don't even ask just do. Cheating is often just a doing it better, finding the trick that isn't prohibited, and such. When all else fails... try something new?

Besides, I like rewarding... effort, novelty, going the extra step, creativity. Even if I think it's cheating, non-technically. It's the... devil inside that... I was 'drawn' that way! Well, and I have had to be extremely novel to still be breathing, and mostly remain a decent humanish critter, mostly. Rules, formality? Nice. But luxuries, nothing more. I reward survivors. Especially when they thrive!

foam said...

I'm usually always for bending the rules to suit one's needs.
Like you said .. When all else fails try something new .. or just walk away and have a beer or two .. :-)

J Cosmo Newbery said...


becca said...

way to go

foam said...

I try, Cosmo..

Becca, thanks!

Doom said...

Urhm, you ought to go see. :p

foam said...

Okee dokee..

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