Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I just have not been sleeping well lately. Tonight is especially bad. I could get up and do housework...phfff ....nah, who are we kidding here.. Soo, lets see what we can post..

We went on an outing into the southwestern mountains of Virginia on Sunday. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my little point and shoot camera which takes decent photos at 12 mp, so I grabbed what aunty refers to as the applecorepad. It does pretty well, but only takes 5mp photos.

Stomping around with the ipad and my walking sticks it's amazing I didn't fall flat on my nose.
This particular state park, Grayson Highlands, has wild ponies. They used to be shy of folks, but not anymore.



None of the voices in the following video are mine, btw .. except for the clearing of he throat at the beginning.

This young pony here was very obliging and just walked up and posed like this.








The rhododendron were a bit beyond their peak but still very beautiful.

The wild flowers and vegetation were stunning. Since we were hiking during dusk, the light was beautiful.

I could kick myself for not having a better camera.

They are not called the Blue Ridge for nothing.

It was already approaching dusk, the sun was setting behind the mountains.

We did get off the mountain just in time. :-)


And now should I try sleeping again?




LX said...

I really like the juxtaposition and movements of the wild horses and long shadows of the people.


foam said...

lol.. Well, I'm awake now .. sigh ..

Rafael said...

I'm sorta crazy as it is... I think my one saving grace for not being completely nutters is my ability to sleep like the dead. I play out all my weirdest stuff in the safety of my own dreams.

Oh, and LX is right, the shadow people moving around is awesome!

Sending you prayers for a good night's sleep tonight:D


foam said...

Hey Rafael! May you always sleep like the dead and wake like the living, of course. Yep, I so need a better nights sleep tonight's.. Otherwise I'll be grumpier the usual .. :-)

Carol said...

Beautiful country. And how fun to have wild horses running around! I love hearing the southern accents. I lived in a few southern states during my 20s - people there thought I was from a different country because of the way I talked. That was before cars and planes - before people moved around so much... ;-)

Carol said...

P.S. I hope you are sleeping better now. If not, I'm available to come bore you to sleep.

foam said...

You can come and bore me any old time. Be aware though, I might be more boring then you .. :-)

I remember traveling by buggy and horse too. ;-). And despite the modern contraptions of planes and cars people still think I talk different.

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