Thursday, June 6, 2013

Limerick - suit

Mad Kane over yonder at
is hosting her weekly Monday Limerick Off.
She provides the 1st line.You go from there.

A lassie who wore a tight suit
Laced up one stiletto black boot
She looked for the other
Which she found with lil brother
He was stuffing her boot with a newt

A lady who wore a tight suit
Went out with a man, quite a brute
He groped at her cleavage
Which caused him to spillage
His seed in his clumsy pursuit.

ps: Tomorrow I will host Michael W. who won last week's Haiku Monday.
I will post his theme. He will do the judging.


Doom said...

I was... just checking on this, dealing with Michael. I was wondering... You sure are nice. I am looking forward to it.

foam said...

He's got an interesting theme, Doom. I think I'll go ahead and post it.

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