Saturday, June 29, 2013

In the deep, deep woods

Over yonder on her front porch, Aunty is our host for the week's
Haiku Monday.  
Her theme is independence.
Go on over, sit a spell and play if interested.

exultantly free!
she skips through sun dappled woods
smack into a web

Taken in the deep woods last Friday


Anonymous said...

Oh, I soooo get this one. When we were dating - unconventionally since I was dragging him to all my favorite spots in woods and mountains - my now husband always had me go first. He said it was because I knew the way and was a better trail finder, but I always suspected it was so I would clear out all the webs for him. He still has me go first....;-)

Yes, foxes have special sounds for special things. They have a larger predator cough bark, for instance, that they use when something dangerous to them is around. Mama will warn young that way. There are also other communication sounds besides a yap.

As an aside, that cough bark, and knowing what it meant, once gave Mr. S and me a rare opportunity to observe an undisturbed pair of honeymooning mountain lions in a lovely, flower speckled mountain meadow. What an opportunity that was - burned into our memories.

Seems there may have been a few impish kids living around Haikuland...LOL.

foam said...

it might have been that. I'll see if I can't identify that sound on google. After those noises I also heard the hiss of a cat. Luckily my pets were inside. I don't think all those noises were cat though. I recognize most of those.
Lucky for you to have seen a mountain lion romancing each other! I find myself lucky to have come acoss bear this year. Of course, I found myself luckier to have been in the car both times .. :) One time I did come across wild boar piglets in Germany while hiking. We stopped in our tracks and looked at each other. Then they went one way while I went the other way. I certainly didn't want to encounter momma wild boar.

Aunty Belle said...

OHhhhhh yes, I know this experience. Ugh. Round heah we have banana spiders in the woods, makes me holler out loud. Sure do dampen an independent spirit, fer a spell, at least.

Doom said...

I wondered where your poem was leading. After a quick "ew" shiver I had me a good laugh. Freedom is never free, one way or the other. You got me good on that one though. The leadin was free and light.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Oh yes! You hit on a primal fear there. When I go out to feed teh birds in the early morning I hold my hand out in front of my face for exactly that reason.

foam said...

Holy moly, Aunty! I googled banana spider. Those things are huge! They sure are beautiful though, but I think I'd be hollering out loud too.

Nope, freedom is not free. Nice to feel like it is at times though.

As beautiful as they can be, a spider's web certainly is a nasty thing to walk through. I do something similar.

Carol said...

I love your use of "exultantly free". Amazing how twelve words can describe so much and bring us to an experience that we all know too well.

I love this haiku, even though I feel a little itchy right now. I'm sure it's only my imagination, not a spider, crawling up my back...

foam said...

maybe it's a tick ..
..You're welcome! It's my pleasure
To provide itches .....


Carol said...

Thanks, foam... Ticks are way worse than spiders in my book. They are the kind of things that give me bad dreams. Things that go digging in one's body...

foam said...

i know .. i hate the suckers!
Oh, and sorry, but if it will make you feel better,
I made myself all itchy. I even checked.

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