Saturday, June 22, 2013

Haiku Monday .. or .. Yield unto me your haiku .. :)

    If, like Michael, I had picked the first idea that came to mind after I found out Doom bequeathed our Haiku Monday hosting duties to me, I would have picked out coffee as our theme. I had just woken up, you see.  However, after the first cuppa joe that morning and tending to outside plants, I decided to pick for our theme: ......YIELD.......

    This theme is inspired by four heirloom tomatoes, along with some herbs, which were planted in pots just very recently. They are on our back deck.

Untitled by schauml
foam back deck

    With much tender care and moving them around to the sunny spots, I am so hoping that they will produce a good yield. Even though we have tried before, we are way too shaded to have much of a garden.  Our gardens have been veritable flops in the past.

    When it comes to yield, I also remember the time I emphatically told my then 15 year old:

  Do you not see the



    Of course, yield can have different connotations.  For example, there are always those situations where 'resistance is futile' and one just has to yield to temptation..

So, please have at it!   Do remember to be submissive and obedient when it comes to yielding to my rules your very creative inner haiku child .. :-).

Here are my rules to (sorta, kinda) abide by... 

    The 5-7-5, 17 syllables haiku form is what most of us go by.  I'm not going to count too closely though. 
If it works, it works.  Have your submissions in before I wake up on Tuesday, probably 8-ish (eastern standard time USA). There is no limit to how many haiku you may submit.
Also, you do not have to choose which to submit for judging.  Should you post visuals along with
your haiku, please let us know so we can visit and comment.

    In case you want to play, but do not want to be considered the next Haiku winner/host, let me know and I will exclude your 'ku from the competition.  Hopefully, I will be able to post our next winner and host by the following Tuesday.

    Anyhoo, I hope everybody is still in the mood to haiku with me.  I know the summer can get busy.
The next few days, for example, I will be busy with niece and nephews who have come to visit.


LX said...

I really like Foam's Pot Garden! That ought to get NSA's attention! Sorry.

foam said...

That's okay, white cat.

I already told the NSA that I am really you
or you are me or ..well, whatever.

out and over,
yellow cat

Carol said...

Do you have squash in a pot? Do you have a forest for a backyard?

I wish that I was feeling haiku-ish, but it ain't happenin'.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Don't worry its domestic pot, NSA won't care. Our garden consists of 4 raised boxes and 2 truck tires. I may be able to come up with a few regarding yield. We too are challenged by the amount sun the garden gets.

One to start:
Faced with conflict
Rather than break as the Oak
Bend as the Willow

Rafael said...

Hey, Foam, nice ONE!

Here's one off my top:

Mind's eye doesn't see
Deaf ears fell your cries to yield
(wh)Y's...? Shan't slow me down

Hopefully, I'll be back with another and some visuals. I've got something in mind for the above, but not sure I can pull it off. We'll see...

Have a GREAT weekend--


Doom said...

But It Does Work!

When she yields fully
she owns me flat out, only way-
I hate trickery?

Wisdom or Pain

I wish to push on.
Something says no. Hushutup?
This or that way, truth.

Nice. I'll be up sometime soon, like Monday. Still tired, bleh! Hopefully with something... better. But this will do for an early seed starter.

Doom said...

Wow, I was a sluggard, thinking I was fast at posting. Plus, a wide variety of takes on "yield" already. Some themes just pop? Hmm, I sure enjoy watching the poems appear...

Off to a very good start... I'll keep checking.

foam said...

Ohh, nice showing already!

It's a pumpkin. Every year I purchase a pumpkin and when the season is over I set it in a pot on the back deck and let it rot into the soil. It self seeds and produces pretty blossoms but I've never had a pumpkin from those plants. Monsanto product most likely... Anyway, I will break my arm off and eat it before I purchase another pumpkin like that.. No matter how pretty it is.
I don't consider it a forest.. more like the woods. If you walked into there and took a right you could keep walking along wooded areas that would eventually lead you to a larger forest. We are a small town with a ton of woods around.

I'll leave the local pot growing to other folks. I'm sure there most be more then I realize in the area. I'm more into throwing pots .. with clay, of course .. :-)

Nice haiku, btw! It's the truth and I can definitely relate.

Wow! Very mysterious and enigmatic .. Like you, perhaps. I do hope you post a visual.

Absolutely Doom,
That definitely is another aspect of yield I did think about.
The concept of submitting kind of gives me the heebies
jeebies .. Or more like a cat being rubbed the wrong way .. lol .. I hate deception too. It's disappointing.
Your 2nd ku is great! Listen to your body though. Certain kinds of symptoms are warning signs ..

Oh, and you are not a sluggard. You have until Tuesday morning (EST).

Doom said...

I know, about the yielding. And it might not work for you. But for the women who do it with me? They get their way a lot more often. Besides, it's... rather biblical. The trickery, for me, is that it works and her yielding leads to me yielding. It's... a good trick... still rankles, whichever side of it your are on. But worthy of a grin, mostly.

But the second one is all about knowing when to... take a few hours or days off. The idea is that if I ignore, I end up given no choice, and probably for longer than a break would have taken. That and sometimes not feeling good. The truth of the matter will win out. The question mark is that, as I have... matured... I've... gotten better, a bit, at abiding limits. But I'm not quite there, to full maturity about it all, yet.

foam said...


A clever woman traps her man by yielding, then turns the table around and leads him by his nose.

— Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Kind of funny that I came across this quote just very recently.

Anyway, I've been with the pinetop swamp forever and a day or two. I don't think either of us ever specifically thought in terms of yielding. It's more just a give and take, a constant flow of interchanging energy, kind of yin and yangy in way...except when the titans occasionally clash..sigh. Before that happens one of us has hopefully remembered to bend like the willow .. :-)

Anyway, it's all in the wording. Communication is key and can be so hard though.

foam said...

Re your 2nd haiku,
Learning when to quit is something that does come with a bit of maturity.

Michael W said...

I will never yield.
No room here for surrender.
Just me and my pride.

Michael W said...

Yield to me, honey.
I promise to be there and
Pick up the pieces.

Water does not yield.
Rather, the ground around it
Yields to its freedom.

Doom said...

I'm just getting these up here foamy. I came in from watering the gardening with hopes and dread and wasn't sure anything would sound good. Came out, mostly. Plain, but plain can be good.

This Time

Three baskets only hold
half of half of half? Anyone
want a few peppers?


Ten plants, three tomatoes?
My planting math is way off!
I wonder... Neighbors?

foam said...

Oh boy .. you're doing it again! Writing great haiku. Your first one made me chuckle. The second one made me swoonish (the computer is trying to tell me swoonish is wrong) but it also make me want to run far, far away .. :) And your third one made me sigh .. because that is so much the truth, especially when it comes to dealing with that leak in the bathroom that doesn't seem to come from pipes. I thought I had fixed it by caulking .. but, alas .. :-/

Well, here you are with your new haiku. I like them. I read somewhere that haiku is capturing a moment in time or a reaction to a moment in time .. well, something like that.

Doom said...


Oh? That was something I had not heard about haiku. Though I haven't yet done extensive research. Beautiful notion, capturing a moment in time... No wonder I like haiku, though. Yes... Now I understand.

That should help me greatly. I may never be as good as some other writers, to my mind, but I can improve. That bit of a thought will certainly help.


While foam may be saddened by the notion, I see it as a very powerful, understated, system you have unleashed. Why be the lion who may be strong but fades and dies? Be water, or wind, and be reborn and never have to yield? Nice. You do have a way of looking at things, then saying it.

Michael W said...

@Doom --- well, to be honest and up front about it, the last haiku was inspired by the teachings of Bruce Lee. He commented on how when water enters a cup, it becomes the cup. When you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. Water can flow, or it can crash. Lee advised us to become water.

@Foam --- Wow. I made you swoonish. My work here is done (leaps onto his white stallion and rides off, leaving a silver haiku behind).

X. Dell said...

Not a poet, and not competing. But I daresay a word like 'yield,' which is so full of diverse meanings, is a fascinating one for a poem.

BTW, thanks for telling NSA that you are LX, not me, because I've secretly been using you for cover for the past five years.

foam said...

There are so many sites that write about haiku. Capturing a moment in time can be one aspect of it. Having an epiphany, that '!' moment can be an aspect of it. I don't worry about it too much. If it works, it works. Heck, we ain't in school anymore .. screw the rules .. :-) .. oops, except for MY RULES, of course :->

Michael W.,
I'm picking up my silver haiku as I continue running far, far away..

Hello X.Dell!
It's always nice to see you pop in, Freund.
I like 'yield' too. I'm glad I stuck with it as a theme.

Really, you told the nsa I was you? I like surveillance! It's our new patriotic duty .. Cough, cough, choke ....

foam said...

He wanted to be
A wiener so badly and
Boost OM's GP ..
(Pinetop Swamp)

"I like it like that", he said as I raised my eyebrows while typing. "You're just the secretary ..... in this instance."

Anonymous said...

Congrats on another win, Foam. Quite a wide open theme. My first entry, below is at Tidewrack for better visual effect.

Spring’s perfect moisture
yields abundant wildflowers.
Winter so distant!


Doom said...

Oh, I never did this officially. I am actually up.


Well, Lee might have been the most famous to speak that, as regards the arts. But he was no more the author of that than you or I. It is ancient beyond recall. Warriors, philosophers, theologians, mystics. Ancient to our understanding of earth and water. Dam it! :p (haiku pun?)


Okay, yeah. But what I am getting is little pieces of the ideal, like a moment in time, serendipity (oh, wait, she is married!), and things like that. It just... sort of helps me corner, figure, paint, and create.

Hehehe I was... just about to... test that. Until you closed the loop. Hmm?

She suggests we dare.
Then says, "Oh but yield to me"-
No fun there, might have to anyway?

Rafael said...


Enigmatc? Me...? Really?!? I'm just a silly boy with a love for whiskers, wieners and whoopie'd cushions:)

Michael, your the tits mewling for the nip'n...meow!

I'm not UP...uhmmm..nor is my post(:D), but here's one to marinate:

Intersecting course
Merges two, so they are one
Input, output; YIELD!

Good times--


becca said...

congrats on the win.

My first haiku inspired my turn events this week though i'm sure dummy wasn't the word I use to describe the person.

heartbeat stops inhale
life flashes quick before eyes
sign says yield dummy

my second also inspired by true events those found years ago after awakening from a coma. Learning to walk not so easy. Oh and visuals up tomorrow

no weakness allowed
tall strong weathering the storm
I will not give in

Anonymous said...

Looks like the competition is trickling in at a good pace Foam. A second from Serendipity at the usual spot for the visual on this.

Ankle yields to rock.
Gonna be a long trip down.
Such a gorgeous day!

Michael W said...

@serendipitouswildmoments --- "Ankle yields to rock".

Love it!

Aunty Belle said...

Michael W is a stitch.

foam said...

Yeah, but my rules are fairly footloose ..
Nice stepladder haiku, btw .. :-) .. Using a 5, 7, 9 syllable count. And, no, a stepladder haiku does not exist. I just made that up. But there are other poetry forms that increase syllable counts by two .. I think.

Yeah, but your 'ku can be enigmatic at times.
Nice 2nd haiku, btw.

I can so relate to your first haiku! And, no, dummy would not have been the words outta my mouth either.

That was you in your 2nd haiku? Man! That's rough. But with perseverance and not yielding to hardships you succeeded!

Ouch! Love this one as well as the visuals at your site.

He sure is. Are you planning on playing?

dianne said...

I love your deck Foamy and I hope the pot plants do well for you.
I also love your kitty avatar, such a beautiful cat you have.
Sorry I don't visit as often as I should, your posts still don't show up in Dashboard, actually I am getting a little annoyed with Blogger, every time I sign in I get all of their Blogger Buzz blurb and they tell me I am not following any blogs. I complained and I hope it has been fixed. I have arrrived here from Notes on a Serviette. Also my computer has crashed three times in the last week, not good.
Take care little sweet pea.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...


Ahaha,,, Surely, but surely, Dianne, you meant my potted plants. :-) if you didn't, then lx and Karl are in trouble. They started this whole business. The plants on my deck are 4 tomato plants, 2 ornamental perennials, a pumpkin plant, German thyme, peppermint basil, peppermint and not visible are the chives .. Oh.. And two strawberry plants.

Computer issues are very annoying! Have you checked in your settings to see if you have it set up to follow blogs. I'm not sure really if there is such a setting, but it wouldn't hurt to look. I'm not sure if you are doing the google reader thing, but I would assume everybody by now knows google is shutting down reader. I hope these things are resolved soon.

Rafael said...

Oh, yeah...HaHa! That's just the crap coming out ma' toaster...then lost in translation:(



BlazngScarlet said...

Sorry i'm a bit late to the party, i've had a weekend filled with partying!
This is for my Aunt ...

Diagnosis in
Cancer strikes a second time
She will never yield!

Anonymous said...

I am wishing her best of luck Blaze.

My close friend will find out the future her next chemo visit. Can they operate or not, has it shrunk, how long is her future...odds are not high for her.


fishy said...

Today? Potatoes!
Tomorrow? Green tomatoes!
Our first Pond veggies :-)

Detour sign warnings
Orange cone dotted asphalt
Time yields for "progress"

In the last second
the hare accepted her fate
yielding to talons

Aunty Belle said...

Oh no! Sympathy and love to both of Blzng and Srendipity's loved ones.

Night yields to day, let me count the ways:

Dewfall's silent jewels
Yield to barefoot contessa
Dancing on the dawn.

Snowy owl glides home,
The whispery night yields--
sparrows chirping dawn.

Cursed insomnia-
Monkey mind, achy bones yield
To sleep --at sunrise.

Rafael said...

Yesterday is lost
Morrow's yet to come again
Bearing what once was

Rafael said...

Yesterday is gone
Morrow yet to come again
Bearing future's past


foam said...

Just came off the mountain a little while ago. I had been in the deep woods this weekend and out of network range .. and cellphone range too at times.
I'm telling you all .. these are great. Love the new submissions! And judging will happen sometime tonight ... and it's gonna be hard!

grins said...

sorry I'm late.

foam said...

Ohh, grins .. I'm sorry you missed too. I enjoy your contributions.

Doom said...

Oh, you do have some work ahead of you. At least you have a fine haul to sort. Telling the rest of us no isn't fun, but learning what you like while choosing?

Just trying to offer you the lemonade from some of the lemon part of it.

To the mountains, eh? I'm jealous. I've been doing good to stay out of bed. Hmm, I ought to take naps in the mountains? :)

foam said...


I'm up with the winner. You must be reading these posts in order. It WAS hard judging. Thanks for the lemonade .. even late I still need it.
Well, you know .. that's why I went up the mountain. I felt myself sinking.

grins said...

Get outta my way

Another ramp's coming up

Get out the Glock

Just for fun

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